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4 Steps to Homeschool Record-Keeping

by Cheri Stutzman | Aug 27, 2019 | 3 min read

Record-keeping…it’s like cleaning up after a party, the drudgery to something enjoyable.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that bad. But if you’re anything like me, numbers, charts, and details are something you try to keep as simple as possible, or even better, avoid completely. And, even for the more detailed-oriented parents, records can be time-consuming for an already-busy mom or dad.

Thankfully, homeschool record-keeping doesn’t have to be complicated! There are a few things you can do to make it simpler and more efficient for you and your family.

Step #1: Know the laws in your state

Every state has its own requirements that homeschoolers need to fulfill; for the homeschool parent, it’s important to know what those laws are. Do you need to submit a homeschool portfolio? Do a homeschool evaluation? Take a standardized test? Record the number of hours that you spend homeschooling? Each state may require one or more of those and it’s your job to make sure you’re meeting the state’s standards.

Seem overwhelming? We created a resource so you can easily find out what your state requires. Check it out here!

Step #2: Find a system that works for you

How do you keep track of all the things you’re supposed to? Well, just as there are multiple ways of homeschooling, there are multiple ways of record-keeping. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Keep them yourself – You can create your own spreadsheets and documents to record all the important information that your state will need. Use an Excel document, create a chart in Word, or try the traditional pen and paper route to document all the grades, subjects, and assignments you need.
  • Let your kids help you – This mainly works for families with middle or high schoolers. If you trust your older students to keep accurate records, let them do it themselves. It helps them feel important and encourages skills like responsibility as they try to do an accurate job.
  • Sign up for an online program/app – Technology can be a wonderful asset to homeschooling and the same goes for record-keeping. There are programs and apps out there that have spreadsheets and systems set up for you, and all you have to do is plug in the information. Some even automatically generate high school transcripts and report cards!

As always, figure out what works best for you and run with it.

Step #3: Do it!

So now you know the laws in your state and you know the system that works best for you…now do it! Don’t wait till the end of the year so you’re not scrambling to gather all the loose strings you didn’t tie together before. Do yourself a favor and keep up with your records now. Need a record of how many hours your kids were in school? Track it weekly. Need to know which classes your students take, their grades in those classes, and when they took them? Track it as soon as they start the class and record grades as soon as you have them. Future you will thank you for it.

Step #4: Sign up with a Homeschool Academy

We get it…all that record-keeping can be stressful. You’re trying to keep up with life so how are you supposed to keep up with records, too? Don’t despair yet! If you’re struggling with this aspect of homeschooling, a homeschool academy like Bridgeway helps you navigate through all the hoops that can be confusing or difficult on your own. We know the homeschool laws and what you need. We keep your records and grades. We create the transcript. It takes a load off your mind and allows you to focus on what you are truly interested in: spending more time with your kids. We take care of all the drudgery, you take care of getting your kids a quality education.

With these steps and a little work, that task of homeschool record-keeping that used to seem so overwhelming, can be made one-hundred times better.

What are your tips and tricks for keeping up with your kids grades and assignments?

Cheri Stutzman
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