There have been days that I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to break down, drop out of school, and give up on all of my future hopes and dreams. These days usually follow stressful weeks full of classes and homework, finals week, or the occasional exam day. And although I’ve wanted to quit, let it be known that I haven’t. After lots of tears and conversations with my mom I’ve discovered my own ways to stay motivated.

  1. Set Goals.

    I set goals. I set goals for the week, for the month, for the year, and for the next four years. Having direction and goals to pursue really helps me to stay motivated when the going gets tough. The best way for me to do this is to use an excel spreadsheet. I use excel to map out exactly what I want to get done, the best part is, if I change my mind or if something doesn’t work out, I can always go back and change it! I know that I am doing these things for a reason, and the end goal will be more than worth the hard school work that I put myself through.

  2. Do Things You Love.

    After a long day of classes, I make sure that I set aside at least an hour to spend with my friends or to do something that I really enjoy, like running or reading a good book! This hour helps me to refocus my brain and helps to alleviate my stress levels. I’ve also noticed that after doing these things I always feel more focused and ready to tackle my assignments. So figure out what you love and make time for it! That may mean waking up an hour early, or even going to bed an hour later. However you decide to do it, it’s worth it.

  3. Talk about Your Struggles.

    Sometimes, when school gets really tough, I talk to my mom. She always helps me see that I’m probably exaggerating a little bit, and she helps me plan out how I’m going to move forward. Sometimes she tells me that the best thing to do is just look forward, which can be hard when you feel like the problem is in the now, but overall it really helps alleviate stress and refocus your brain. As I’ve said in numerous blog posts before, mom is ALWAYS right.

  4. Get Plenty of Sleep.

    Many students don’t realize the importance of sleep. When you sleep, information is transferred from the short term memory into the long term memory. Taking time to properly rest can help your academics drastically and it can help keep you focused and efficient!  If you’re ever feeling completely overwhelmed, take a nap. Even just 20 minutes can make all the difference! This article here shows you exactly how much sleep to get in order to accomplish something:

I guess what I’m trying to explain is that when you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes the best way to accomplish your tasks is by first taking a break, planning out your goals, and then taking it one step at a time! Never be afraid to ask for help, and know that you are doing the best you can!