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Homeschool Resolutions for the New Year

by David Engle | Dec 19, 2019 | 3 min read

The holidays are here, and a brand new year (and decade!) is right around the corner. As you and your kids take a well-deserved break from homeschooling to celebrate the season, and with 2020 on the horizon, now is a great time to reflect on 2019 and look ahead to the new year. You’ve probably already started a list of New Year’s resolutions, and it probably contains the usual: eat healthier, drop 10 pounds, exercise more, etc. But how about school resolutions? Here are a few homeschool-related topics to contemplate as the curtain closes on 2019…

1. Try something new. No matter how successful your homeschool year has been up to this point, complacence and monotony will inevitably set in. So, change things up a bit. If you usually save your field trips or excursions for spring, when the weather is more cooperative, try mixing things up with a winter trip or activity. Indoor destinations will obviously keep you warm and dry, so check out an art museum, aquarium, science museum, or planetarium. There’s plenty to learn, and it’ll help both you and your child stave off cabin fever. Want to get a little more adventurous? Head to the local zoo and see which animals love the cold weather. Or go to the park and do some sledding! It’s great exercise, and you can squeeze in a science lesson about winter weather.

Winter field trips are just one example out of hundreds of possibilities when it comes to shaking up your routine. It might be as simple as swapping class times or extending playtime by 15 minutes. It could mean heading out and treating your student to a quick lunch. Just try something new and different!

2. Get more involved. Resolve to get your kids more involved with other homeschoolers or homeschool-related activities in your community. Peer interaction is always fun (and important), so join a local co-op or seek out other local homeschoolers and get together for activities or excursions. Take advantage of what your local library may offer as far as homeschooling resources. The Homeschool Mom is a great source of information, complete with links to homeschooling resources for every state.


3. Make more time for you with a new experience for your student. You love teaching your kids, but man, is it exhausting! Homeschooling can make for long days and weeks, not just for the students, but for you as the instructor. Everyone needs a break, a few minutes of “me” time. But you’re probably wondering, “how am I supposed to fit that in when I’m teaching classes all day?” Let us help you out! Bridgeway offers some pretty amazing Live Online Classes that serve many purposes:

  • They offer subjects you won’t find in everyday homeschool schedules. Aeronautics. Art. Brick-by-brick learning. Game design. These are just a few of the fun, exciting classes Bridgeway offers, all taught by enthusiastic, certified instructors.
  • Freedom. As long as you have an internet connection, your child can attend a Live Online Class. You’re not confined to the house for these classes, meaning your student can learn virtually anywhere!
  • Your child gets the best of both worlds. Live Online Classes offer a virtual classroom setting with other students, so yours can interact with classmates as they learn. Using the Zoom video platform, your child can sit in with other students while they learn and present and interact with each other.
  • You time. We mentioned it earlier, but Live Online Classes, well…they give you a break! While your child is “in class,” you can do…whatever you want! Whether that’s grabbing a quick nap or relaxing on the couch with a book or taking care of other things around the house, the time is all yours! You’ve earned it, so enjoy it!

As we close the door on 2019 and welcome in 2020, these are just a few resolutions to consider as you commence the school year. What are your homeschool plans for 2020? We’d love to hear them in the comments below! Oh, and Happy New Year from Bridgeway Academy!

David Engle
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