There is No Need to Panic
It’s easy to get lost in the transition from middle school to high school. Summer rolls around, and Snapchat is a lot more fun with beach trips and friends than thinking about (ugh) schoolwork. But then the end of July comes, and you realize high school approaches you like a thief in the night, ready to steal your confidence.  There is no need to panic.

Planning your high school years sounds like climbing Mount Everest, but you’re only rappelling up the Appalachian mountains instead. You have a great support system with your parents, friends, and relatives.
Still feeling queasy? Let’s discover how planning your high school homeschooling experience is like climbing a ladder – one rung at a time.

Planning for High School Homeschooling

Make a plan, Stan! Before the school year starts, talk to your parents about how you want your high school years to go. Do you want a strict routine to stay on track? Or do you want to work when you feel like it? These questions create a dialogue where you are clear about your expectations for the year. Don’t forget to listen to their expectations as well. It’s important that you and them are prepared and ready to go with the same mindset.

Know your state requirements. Also, make sure to check out your state homeschooling requirements. Bridgeway Academy has a list on our website for information on what each state asks for. Did you know Florida requires you to submit an annual education evaluation to the county’s superintendent? (Learn more about homeschooling in Florida.) Or that North Dakota asks you to keep a record of the number of days schooled? The requirements sound difficult but they’re manageable if you know what’s expected. We suggest to keep a binder of all paperwork so you stay organized through all 4 years.

Follow a schedule. Yes, this is college prep time. No, there is nothing scary about this. Even though this is so important, we’ve made it easier on your brain. Check out our checklists (no pun intended) for college prep lists.

Stay focused. Not that you already know this (judging from the points above), but it’s really important. High school is where you rev up the engine and go for the end goal – college or trade school. Focus on your grades and extracurriculars. Not only do great grades look awesome on your transcript, that soccer team you’ve been on? Colleges love that sort of thing! However, don’t stress out too much. Do your best!

Learn how to study. You may have slid through middle school without picking up a single pen for notes, but high school changes that mindset. It’s time to learn how to take good notes and study well. Sure, you can pick up some highlighters, but unless you use them, they won’t help you study for your biology test. Read up on some great test-taking tips to maximize your chances of scoring well. (No, you can’t write the quadratic formula on the palm of your hand to “study”. That doesn’t work out so well, trust me!)

Enjoy your time! Four years will fly by so quickly. Maximize your high school homeschooling time that you have left. Spend time with friends and family. Savor each “A,” but also be proud of the failures as those teach you as much as success. Go get some ice cream after a field hockey victory with your teammates. These moments won’t last forever, and soon you’ll be wearing a cap and gown. Enjoy the time you have – you can make them the best years of your life so far!

Put Your Hands Up! Life is a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs, and plenty of screams. Don’t let the heights of high school homeschooling scare you; put your hands up in the air and enjoy the ride. We’ve got your back.

How do you plan for high school? Post a comment below!