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How to Inspire Peers to Pursue Their Dreams

by Safa Khan | Jun 21, 2017 | 2 min read

I have come to the conclusion that many of us say and use our ability of speech to challenge and move others mentally or physically. Yet only minorities of these few actually do or are. This is why I think the phrase A Dream even exists. Calling one’s goal a “Dream” can cause us to lose touch with our reality and make us already blind to the options actually available to us and thus make us fail before one can even be getting started. One thing I have learned is that one’s educational life cannot be lived in retrospect and isolation.

Education should act as an open door of opportunity and possibilities.  Not a shadow of the past.

That is why making use of the hardships that you have overcome and using this as a supplemental way of feeding and challenging your intellectual and academic abilities to the max is the path students should take.

Unlike math, there is no basic formula to pursuing goals; there is only one’s will that gets people to where they’d like to be seated. I think I can present you how the realities of life can result in someone’s despondency. A lot of us seem to feel that we think, know and perceive what we want yet can’t seem to put into actions what our words can tell us. This is why I am writing this in the first place! Through my recent experiences, I can tell my fellow peers that one thing for certain is that the world is a human’s worst and most strong opposing force. It will lead you astray from your goals. But in regards to this, your ability to endure what tasks you have been given with prosperity can help you overcome these difficulties.

“And with this I have realized that goals are achieved through duration; step by step and with consistency.”

And I think Homeschooling has allowed me to do just that; invest my time in areas that matter and try to find balance in all areas with a kick of excitement.  Whether you’d like to be an actor, doctor, engineer or entrepreneur, finding a rhetoric that your work is based upon will lead you to your goals. I think homeschooling has done this for me, it has enabled me to pursue and do more. It gives me closure and flexibility to think that if I would like to do it, than it is possible with homeschooling. I hope I can enable my peers to think that with the amount of work, their goals are possible too.

Keeping motivated is a very important factor when it comes to achieving. There are so many resources now available online, and therefore I think we should all utilize them as much as we can. One of my favorite websites I use as a resource to guide students in high school is: Prep-Scholar Blog. 

Make sure to determine your goals and stay motivated through consistency to achieve what you want in life.

How do you encourage your peers to pursue their passions?

This post was written by Bridgeway Student, Safa Khan, in response to our 2016-17 Blogger Competition, as one of our top 5 blogger students. Thank you, Safa! We are proud to share your analysis and motivation in life. Keep up all your hard work and good luck in all of your future endeavors!”

Safa Khan
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