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Independence Day Celebration Ideas For Homeschoolers

by Jessica Parnell | Jul 02, 2015 | 3 min read

July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. I love the history, sparklers, parades, and the sea of red, white, and blue that shows pride in the history of our nation. But, if you’re a homeschooling family, chances are you’ve studied the revolution, Constitution, and all things Americana over and over again. (If you haven’t check out this post from last year for great ideas to celebrate July 4th!) You may be hungry, starving even, for some fresh and unique Independence Day celebration ideas for homeschoolers. I know I am! So, we’ve gathered our top 5 Independence Day  celebration ideas for homeschoolers who already know the history behind our nation’s independence and need a new spark in their celebration.

5 Unique Independence Day Celebration Ideas for Homeschoolers

  1. Revolutionary Art- Give your family a new angle on the conflict and the fight for independence through the eyes of an artist. Study art and music created during Independence Day, the American Revolution, and Colonial times. Go beyond the Battle Hymn of the Republic with this article on Revolutionary War Music. Study famous artisans like potters, quilt makers , and carpenters from the colonial period. Or spend time reading Revolutionary War poetry, studying pictures, and examining art created by soldiers during the war. Then try your hand at recreating the famous works as a family. Learning through the arts engages the creative side of our brains and allows us to see and understand the heart of conflicts in a new way.
  2. Revolutionary Myth Busters– There are many, many popular misconceptions and myths about the Revolutionary War that are commonly held in our society. Why not create your own Myth Busters challenge where you research these myths as a family and bust them with the accurate facts? Think reviewing primary source documents, examining artwork from different view points, and reading eyewitness accounts of battles and contested events. Get started and create a list of myths that need busting here.
  3. Freedom Studies- One of our favorite Independence Day Celebration ideas for homeschoolers is to study societies and groups around the world who are still fighting for their freedom. Your children may not be aware that slavery and oppression still exist in many forms in our world. Because they know the history behind the Revolutionary War and our fight for independence, they will be poised and ready to learn about those groups who are still struggling for their own freedom. Get informed and then empower your children to work to help these groups by writing letters, raising funds, and most importantly, through prayer.
  4. Take Me To The Other Side- We are issuing a real challenge in our Independence Day celebration ideas for homeschoolers: celebrate and study the other side. Study the roots of the revolution from the English perspective. Make English biscuits or crumpets, have tea time, and discuss how ungrateful the colonists are to be forsaking their sovereign. Take on the role of loyalists and plead the case for staying a colony. Oh, the injustice!
  5. The Science of Independence- Why not celebrate Independence Day this year with all things science? Honor Benjamin Franklin by learning about the role of the printing press in the Revolution. Study the tech behind Revolutionary War weaponry like the musket and cannon and the naval strategies for navigating and waging battle on the sea.  Or, my personal favorite, become Revolutionary spies and learn how to use invisible ink, ciphers, and codes to spread the word about the revolution and battle tactics!

Just because it’s Independence Day doesn’t mean you have to fill your week with fireworks, rocket pops, and a ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence (though those are all fun things to do!). This year why not add some spark with our Independence Day celebration ideas for homeschoolers. You might just find that this holiday becomes your families’ favorite!

Jessica Parnell
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