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Top 5 Fun Summer Learning Activities

by Cheri Stutzman | Jun 06, 2019 | 2 min read

Long, hot days. Afternoons by the pool. S’mores made over a campfire. Summer is the time kids most often look forward to. But, for educators and parents trying to make sure their children continue learning throughout the summer months, it can be a challenge.

Maybe you’re a mom attempting summer homeschool and are looking for ways to incorporate the warm days into your lessons. Or maybe you just want your kids to still be learning in fun ways despite being on summer break. Perhaps summer boredom is setting in and you want to keep your kids occupied. Thankfully, we’ve found ways for you to combine education with activities that make learning fun for both you and your children.

  1. Ice Cream Fractions – We all love ice-cream, so why not use it to teach the complicated concept of fractions! Ask your kids to create a sundae that is half-vanilla and half-strawberry or see if they can cover the top with one-third hot fudge, one-third caramel, and one-third peanuts. Get them to eat one-eighth of their ice-cream or scoop a spoonful that has equal amounts of two flavors.
  2. Sink or Float? – Conduct an experiment with different objects and have your kids hypothesize which will sink and which will float. Use objects like rocks, soap, and plastic bottles, and have your kids float them in a pool, bathtub, or kitchen sink to see if they guessed correctly.
  3. Dream Up a Vacation – Let your kids plan their dream vacation. Give them travel brochures, guidebooks, and maps to find their favorite places and activities. Let them plan where to visit, where to stay, and what to do. For older children, teach them about budgeting by having them plan a vacation within a certain budget. Maybe even go on the vacation they plan!
  4. Summer Reading Log – Make summer reading fun by using a reading log. Create a book that allows kids to write down their favorite scenes and quotes. Include places for them to illustrate their favorite scenes. At the end of their summer, ask them what their favorite books were and have them create a report explaining why.
  5. Plant a Garden! – Get your kids outside by planting a garden. Teach them about germination as they watch the seeds turn into plants. Talk about nutrition and the importance of eating vegetables as you begin to harvest the things you’ve grown.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring and summer doesn’t have to be devoid of learning. Combine the two and learning becomes something new and exciting. What do you do to make learning fun in the summer?





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