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Valentine’s Day Activities for Homeschoolers

by David Engle | Jan 30, 2020 | 2 min read

Whether or not you consider Valentine’s Day to be an actual holiday, February 14th tends to be a day of fun for kids. In traditional schools, that excitement stems from students crafting makeshift mailboxes for their classmates to fill with colorful, cartoon-themed cards and candy. So, what can you do with your students so that they can join in on the Valentine’s Day celebrations?

Bake some V-Day goodies! Baking offers so many built-in school lessons, your kids won’t even realize that they’re learning because they’ll be having so much fun! While whipping up some heart-shaped sugar cookies or some cupcakes with red and pink icing, squeeze in some lessons about conversion, measurements, the science of baking, and nutritional information. Check out some great Valentine’s Day recipes, from sweets to salads, here.

Host a Valentine’s Day party! If you’re part of a homeschool co-op or study group, invite other students over to share some of your Valentine’s Day sweets. In fact, you can also make mailboxes and exchange valentines, just like in traditional schools! 

Games and activities. There are plenty of fun Valentine’s Day activities and games out there, like crosswords, puzzles, printable coloring sheets, and word finds, to name a few. Or, you could cut hearts out of red, white, and pink construction paper and decorate your classroom to create a festive atmosphere.

History lesson! There actually is a story behind Valentine’s Day, and it’s quite interesting! Take the opportunity to teach your students the history of St. Valentine, the origins of Valentine’s Day, and some other cool facts about February 14th.

Lessons about love. Teach your child the meaning of love and have him or her write an essay about something or someone they truly love. Make sure they use descriptive words to really show why they feel the way they do.

Get to the heart of the matter. Valentine’s Day is all about hearts, right? Then what better time for a science lesson about the human heart? This website has tons of awesome resources related to the heart, such as lesson plans, activities, games, and more.

Love poems and letters. Another way to work some practical skills into Valentine’s Day for your student is to have him or her craft an original love poem or letter. With this activity, you can teach the basics of poetry…haiku, free verse, acrostic, sonnet; there are so many different types. Or, how about the lost art of letter writing? Show your child how to write a formal letter and mail it to a loved one. Not only do your kids learn valuable life skills, but they can also make the recipient very happy.

Spread the love. Speaking of making others happy, have your student make or fill out Valentine’s cards, and then take a short field trip to an assisted living home, a children’s hospital, a police station, or other place where they can show their kindness and lift someone’s spirits.

How do you work Valentine’s Day into your homeschool? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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