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“I didn’t expect to love it…

…but seeing my kids more relaxed and excited about life has made me realize that homeschooling programs will be our new normal, and I can’t wait to see where it leads.”

Keep confidence and academic success soaring with a homeschool partner 30 years in the making.

homeschooling programs, Enjoying School at Home?

Explore Our Programs

A partnership with Bridgeway Academy means homeschooling programs designed for homeschoolers. That means built-in creativity, flexibility, fun, and opportunities to explore, as well as easy-to-follow guides for both kids and parents.

Explore our fully accredited private homeschool programs that include unlimited support, true personalization, and complete flexibility.

Or if you prefer to strike out your own, select from our independent study curriculum, online courses, and full-year kits.

After 30-plus years of homeschooling, you can’t go wrong.

homeschooling programs, Enjoying School at Home?

Comparison Chart

Not sure if you should choose our independent programs or our academy? Our comparison chart lets you see the options side-by-side.
homeschooling programs, Enjoying School at Home?

Virtual Open House

On Thursday, May 26th at 2pm, we will share our programs in detail and have a live Q&A!

Virtual Open House! Join us on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 2pm ET to learn the benefits of working with a homeschool academy.