Refer a Family to Bridgeway

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Spread the Word About Bridgeway and Get Rewarded

For every three new families who enroll from your referrals, you’ll earn a $300 gift card and they’ll get a $100 credit toward their full- or half-year enrollment!

Referring Is Easy As 1, 2, 3

  1. Find your referral ID by logging into the Bridgeway Learning Center.
  2. Give your family and friends your Referral ID when you tell them about Bridgeway’s amazing programs.
  3. Have each new family use your Referral ID when purchasing. They’ll get $100 off their total order of full- or half-year programs, and you’ll get credit for the referral.

Once three new families use your Referral ID, you’ll be sent a $300 gift card!

*Due to shipping and customs fees, international families will receive a $300 coupon code to use on any Bridgeway product.
*Referral discounts are only available on full- or half-year programs.