Built to Empower and Inspire

Learning Without Limits in a School Without Walls

Enjoy the freedom of learning through innovative and personalized learning pathways that accelerate your student from “where I am” to “where I want to be.”

Our Mission

To help students discover and pursue their personal excellence.

Our Vision

To positively impact the future through transformative education.

Rooted in Values That Build Strong Minds

We believe that each child should be at the center of their own learning experience to help them reach their goals and dream big, and our core values support that mission.

mother teaching her three children

To build a positive team and family spirit


To encourage and support personal growth


To deliver top-quality personalized academics and flexible homeschool programs outside of school walls


To build confidence to learn without limits

Your child. Your homeschool. Your way.

young boy making a toy wooden house father and daughter reading together

Innovative Education Solutions for All

As part of our commitment to personalized homeschooling, we are proud to offer top-tier private K-12 education that is built to inspire in today’s world.

Regardless of your reasons for homeschooling or the level of support you need, Bridgeway Academy is poised and ready to support you. Our unique approach to individualized education has helped thousands of students thrive and reach their goals.

Who We Serve