Setting a Foundation for Elementary Learners

Picture Your Elementary Homeschool with Bridgeway

For early learners, it is important to approach education at their personal pace and level. Learning should be fun and engaging while instilling the basic skills of reading, writing, and math. When elementary school is taught in a safe space (your home) and provides room to follow curiosity and individual interests, your child thrives.

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Designing the right homeschool experience for your young learner doesn’t need to be difficult.

Find Your Child’s Best Learning Path

Discover how Bridgeway Academy’s programs and resources can transform your student’s homeschool experience!

Adventure & Curiosity
Adventure & Curiosity

Embrace the wonder and amazement of learning with your young child at the center of it all.

A Safe Space
A Safe Space

Confidence and learning soar when a child feels safe to explore their interests, thoughts, and friendships.

Limitless Potential
Limitless Potential

Reach your child’s full potential by meeting them where they are, fostering confidence, and opening up a world of knowledge.

A Day in the Life as a Bridgeway Student

Discover the Joys of Our Elementary Homeschool Curriculums

Strong family relationships built on love and passion for lifelong learning are core to Bridgeway’s approach, giving families and students the freedom to grow and explore unique interests. We partner with a variety of curriculum providers to bring you options and flexibility in your child’s education. We’ll also take the time to get to know your family so we can help you tailor an elementary homeschool curriculum plan that fits your situation.

Bridgeway has helped hundreds of families at all levels of academic ability gain confidence in their homeschooling efforts. Get support when you need it and freedom where it’s important, with no limits to your family’s creativity, possibilities, and potential.

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Embrace Your Student’s Unique Learning Styles

All kids learn differently, and that’s where Bridgeway shines. Our expertly curated, wide selection of curriculum ensures your child is learning in a way best for them. Beginning with our Day 1 assessment, we’ll get your child on the right path for their learning style.


Auditory Learner

Auditory learners tend to retain information more thoroughly when the information is reinforced through sound. They learn best through lectures, discussions, and listening to themselves process information. They tend to be left-hemispheric-dominant and are, therefore, verbal, sequential, analytic, and time-oriented. They will have little motivation when new information begins with complex or abstract ideas.

Visual Learner

Most visual learners are global learners. This means that although they understand the solution, they likely struggle or get frustrated with the steps necessary to get there. They also tend to rely on the right hemisphere — the problem-solving part of the brain — and are charged and ready to go when the material is new and interesting, challenging, or funny. They will have little motivation when things seem irrelevant or overly-simplistic.

Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners are movers and shakers. Kinesthetic learners need their bodies to be in action in order to learn and master skills. Provide opportunities for them to touch, sort, build, take things apart, or simply move while learning. They connect well with learning that involves the emotions, imitation, role-playing, and field trips. They will have little motivation when they cannot see how learning connects to life.

Connect, Share, and Learn with Like-Minded Homeschool Parents

Experience fun, challenging, and inspiring days filled with learning without limits in a school without walls.

Your homeschooling experience draws together loving and caring parents that know the value of directly supporting their child’s education.

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Homeschool Elementary Programs Designed for Your Family

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Engage Through Structured Homeschool Programs

From finger paints to online math games, you’ll find unique homeschool elementary programs that allow you to choose how, where, and when your child learns. With accredited elementary homeschool programs, your child can receive the credit they deserve while pursuing an education they love. We also have multiple support platforms, so your family can have a smooth, enjoyable homeschooling journey.

You can lead your student using curriculum of your choice, tap into our parent educator tips and resources, or even enroll your student in live online courses where they’ll interact with our certified teachers! When you want to homeschool your elementary-age child and encourage their success, you can trust we have you covered.

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Build Your Own Homeschool Experience

Most students don’t fit in a pre-defined educational box. With thousands of vetted curriculum options built specifically for homeschooling and curated to meet your child’s individual needs and interests to choose from, your student is always at the center. We’ve even created hundreds of niche learning programs to fit our families.

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