Traditional and Online Homeschooling for High School

Prepare Your Homeschooler for Life Beyond High School

The high school years are the perfect time to give students more independence and ownership as they move forward in their academic journey. Bridgeway’s flexible traditional and online high school homeschool programs put students in the driver’s seat, giving them the freedom pursue interests, goals, and individual capabilities as they learn.

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Help your high schooler select the homeschooling option that fits their academic and lifestyle needs

Find Your Child’s Best Learning Path
Pursue Personal Excellence
Pursue Personal Excellence

Help your teenager discover their personal excellence while building confidence and opening up a world of opportunity.

Build Lifelong Friendships
Build Lifelong Friendships

Expose your teen to deep and lasting friendships across time zones as they collaborate in a positive, safe environment.

Get Active and Engaged
Get Active and Engaged

Students become more confident as they achieve success, expand horizons, and prepare for a bright future.

A Day in the Life as a Bridgeway Student

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Choose High School Homeschooling Online or Offline That Fits Your Student’s Needs

Whether your high schooler is pursuing a professional career, extracurriculars or an accelerated learning path, you can find the resources you need to ensure their academic success.

Feel confident in your student’s future by tapping into our extensive textbook and online learning options and the expertise of your personal advisor. Whatever path your child is on, you can trust that we will make sure it is fully accredited and designed to open the doors to college and career success.

Chat with an Advisor
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Build Lasting Relationships With Peers

Your student can explore new areas of interest, enjoy a school environment tailored to their needs, and meet their goals, all while forming valuable relationships with their peers.

Whether learning through traditional textbooks or online, our activities calendar is always full of fun events that create community across interests and geographies. In addition, Bridgeway’s online homeschooling for high school opens many unique opportunities for your teen to make connections and build life-long friendships with students around the world.

Learn About Student Life

High School Homeschool Programs Designed for Your Family


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Engage Through High-School-Specific Homeschool Programs

Our unique high school homeschool programs allow you to explore multiple learning paths and programs, all reinforced by 1:1 advising support. We have a range of program offerings built to meet your student’s needs, all customizable with add-ons and electives.

If your teen is looking to gain a college-level education sooner, you can choose our dual enrollment or associate’s degree option to accelerate their learning path. With our flexible programs and ample resources at your back, you can be sure your high school student is fully prepared for what is next on their unique journey.

Our Programs
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Build the Best Experience With the Best High School Homeschool Curriculum 

The best experience means curriculum tailored for homeschooling and designed to help both you and your student succeed. Your advisor will work with you to choose from a wide range of curriculum, online courses, and live online classes to meet your teenager’s needs and interests.

Choose a partner who ensures that your student is always at the center of all curriculum decisions so they have the resources they need to create the life they’re dreaming of.

Our Curriculum
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Personalized Education Like No Other
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