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Informative. The whole site is full of information that is practical and useful too. What more can I ask for?
I am so happy that Bridgeway made a transition package to help families in the wake of school closures due to COVID-19. They made it so easy to know what to do and how to approach homeschooling. Bridgeway has been very helpful, informative, and supportive as we navigate homeschooling for our daughter.
Our son loves Bridgeway Homeschool Academy. His teachers are responsive, positive and encouraging. Despite his virtual presence in the classroom, he feels connected and appreciated.
I have been going here 2 years now, I will be graduating in May. I am very upset that I won't be a part of Bridgeway anymore. This program and the advisors are very supportive. I have been able to achieve my goals because of this program.
The program is easy to follow, it is wonderful to have books and online available for most subjects. The teacher we work with is very helpful and always ready to help.
Our son has been a Bridgeway student for many years and it is one of the best things we could have done for his education. His grades are so much better and we could not be happier.
My son has been enrolled for all his high school years and half of the eighth grade. He has been successful and now will graduate this year with the guidance and help from his teacher.
The curriculum is top-notch and truly individualized for your student according to learning style and academic ability. I like that they work with a variety of publishers, and you can choose to do the accredited program.
My son is very comfortable, yet challenged with the curriculum. Our counselor is amazing, she is very informative and responds back to us very quickly. I recommend this school to anybody who is looking to homeschool their child.
Both of my children have learned a great deal. The advisors are so helpful and encouraging. I wouldn't use any other program and I have never regretted using it.
I give this school a five star. I have really enjoyed learning here. I had the experience of other homeschooling sites, but this one takes it to another level!! I like the classes you can pick and the teachers! Great school for all!
This was the best decision we made! We researched all accredited online homeschools and felt this was the best choice, and it was! My two boys are in middle school and they are enjoying this better than the private school they were at.
This is our fourth year with Bridgeway and they have delivered. Our advisors have been great to work with.
This is a great option for anyone with no where to turn, having a kid that struggles. It gives parents hope and allows kids to find a way to grow and learn their way... 'outside of the box'.
They have great curriculum and are very helpful. They have topnotch advisors that work hard to give their students the best education possible.
Thank you to our advisor for all you do. I’m so proud of my daughter and my niece. They work really hard and are perfectionist. Bridgeway Academy's program has truly showed me the stair steps as to how children learn and build upon their knowledge. My husband and I are so very proud to be a part of this program and although a struggle with finances we will continue to make sacrifices for both girls to be part of Bridgeway.
Bridgeway's mixed books and online program has been a blessing for my family. I have been able to work at my son's grade level which varies from 4th to 6th grade and adjust according to his needs.
I thoroughly enjoyed my homeschool experience. All of my advisors were so nice and helpful. I got to participate in an online class this year and loved that experience as well.
After spending months researching online schools - I involved my daughter in the process. We chose Bridgeway and they are efficient and professional and their website is not complicated to use.
We love the books they offer and the advisors are approachable and helpful. My family is having fun learning, best homeschool for our family.
We have used Bridgeway academy now for two of our children. I love the curriculum choices.
The Myers Family is so grateful for Bridgeway, thank you for the ease of teaching and learning. I love the way Bridgeway is always learning to grow and teach us.
I really love Bridgeway. The experience has been outstanding from the beginning.
I really like Bridgeway Homeschool Academy! It allows me to study from home or when we travel. I have the best advisor! She is friendly and she understands me.
My son has enjoyed the classes and I have been pleased with them. Our advisor has been very good to work with, answering any questions and giving advice.
After discovering Bridgeway, I would never choose any other option for school. My child is thriving academically and emotionally thanks to the one-on-one experience.
I like the classes and having online learning instructors who share ideas. The lessons can be challenging, but with the help of my teacher, I understand the questions.
The entire process thus far has been smooth and everyone I have worked with has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful.
Best homeschooling option in my opinion.There are several options and curriculum to choose from to best suit your child. I would defiantly recommend!
Bridgeway tailors the curriculum to my child. His confidence has soared and I know he’s exactly where he should be for his grade.
This was my first time using an online course and it was easy for me to access everything that I needed after a short learning period.
In my experience over the last 3 years with I have been very satisfied. The online program is easy to understand and the curriculum is great.
This was our first experience with an online program. It has gone very smoothly. The assessment process was very thorough and we appreciate the good communication and flexibility.
We are in control and have the flexibility that is required for our life. Simply said, it’s a school that works for our son! The academic curriculum is based on our son's assessments, catering to his needs and interests.
Our advisor is a joy to work with. She has been nothing but helpful in anything that comes up. I TOTALLY recommend Bridgeway!
Great support and reliable guidance as our son navigates through high school with aspirations to attend college and participate in NCAA college sports.
I did tons of research before choosing Bridgeway and I am so glad I did. I love the flexibility it offers and the customized curricula we can get for him. He really enjoys it and does so well! Our advisor is incredible, she is always so quick to get back to me with my questions.
Bridgeway is a fantastic school. My child has been blessed with such a wonderful education and family. I never thought homeschooling would be so easy and challenging at the same time.
So far I love it! Second-year using it for pk and kindergarten, I am doing just what the teacher guide says to do for language and he is reading now that we are at the end of the program. So excited for him! Language arts and reading are not his favorite subjects.
It has been an outstanding experience, thanks and appreciation to all staff and teachers for the constant care, attention, and follow-up. Fast response and ease of communication above expectations.
I love the Bridgeway Program! My son has learned to read in just a month of homeschooling him. He loves his schoolwork and enjoys learning new lessons everyday. I email his student advisor about all his new skills and achievements.
I just want to thank you and let you know how much the program is helping my son. For the first time in his life he is interested in learning, his self-esteem has increased ten fold, and he has ambition that I have never seen in him before.
My daughter is really enjoying her “HOPE therapy” as she calls it. She is also doing really well with reading, writing, and math.
We are so thankful to be with Bridgeway Academy this year. Both of my boys are dyslexic, and homeschool has allowed them the one-on-one attention that has made all the difference. They are more confident and less stressed!
My son is not the type who just wants to read or listen; he wants to experience everything using his hands, eyes, and ears. Bridgeway gives him the ability to learn in his own way, by doing and exploring, because the curriculum is customized to my son’s personality. It allows us to turn everyday activities, like a trip to the post office, into teachable moments. Being able to let him learn in his own way is allowing us to exceed our expectations for his education.
HOPE has helped me a lot in many ways. One day I realized how much of a difference it makes in my life. It has helped with my spelling. It has also helped me with my dyslexia. I’m thankful for this program because it has helped me so much.
I can for sure tell she is processing quicker. She is much more confident. Over all, I am head over heals with how much growth she has made in all areas. I know for sure I have made the right decision.
Getting the help from LDHope was such an encouragement. I saw our son make so much improvement in his schooling. He is enjoying his school. Thanks so much!
My son has been improving so much in terms of memory. He can engage with long meaningful conversations. He enjoys reading and can remember the parts. That's why I am eager to continuepart C.
Andy is doing well this year, it is a night and day difference from last year. Thank you for this program, you have given us hope that even with his dyslexia he will do well in life! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Great combination of digital and traditional textbooks and we needed him out of the toxic situation he was in at a brick and mortar school.
This is my third year with Bridgeway Academy! The Online Teachers are amazing, my High Schoolers LOVE Bridgeway and we all LOVE our Advisor! I have never had any regrets except that I wish I would have signed up many many years ago!
A healthy blend of print and digital curriculum and versatility in the coursework.
For us, Bridgeway came at the right moment, simply an answered prayer. I came across Bridgeway on Facebook 2 days before we almost went with a different company. We are loving it so far. Customization with Bridgeway wins, hands down.
It is our first year gearing up to use Bridgeway! We chose it because it is customized to each child, and offers really amazing courses. It’s not cookie cutter, and we love that!
This had been an answered prayer for us. We have been with Bridgeway for 4 years and love how we have the flexibility and the encouragement that you give us.
This is our third year with Bridgeway. I love that we have an advisor, that we can do both textbook and online work, and that the lessons are planned out for us.
We are in our 7th year with Bridgeway. We have been blessed through the years with the opportunity to experience many different facets of Bridgeway. We love the support and guidance we receive from our Advisor as well as the Bridgeway family.
I homeschool through Bridgeway, and I have really enjoyed my experience. The curriculum they offer is challenging, and I really like my academic advisor.
I love Bridgeway Academy! They have a dual-enrollment program to earn college credits. Bridgeway Academy is truly an amazing and unique experience.
I started my son at Bridgeway after withdrawing him from public school due to anxiety and depression. We were able to stay on track for graduation.
One day, I woke up feeling desperate and hopeless- my daughter bullied and hating her school. Then, I found Bridgeway Academy and our lives changed forever. She had the time to heal and get interested in finishing school.
This is my son's second year being homeschooled and I couldn't be more grateful to Bridgeway.
My second year homeschooling but first year with Bridgeway. Wish I would have gone with Bridgeway last year!
Excellent program that makes homeschooling easy. Support, recordkeeping, and a wide range of programs/classes that allow flexibility.
Our first year with Bridgeway and nothing but good things to report! Excellent support, excellent academic advisor.
The support is outstanding! It made homeschooling easier and stress-free.
I love Bridgeway. We tried another homeschool program but came right back to Bridgeway. We have been with them over 3 years.
This is our first year with Bridgeway Academy and we couldn't be happier with our choice. Everyone I have spoken with has been very kind and helpful.
Because of homeschooling, my daughter is now thriving and doing her 3rd theatre program. We love the flexibility of online courses to be able to go anywhere and complete work.
We started Bridgeway Academy freshman year. We loved the “live” online classes and getting to know our daughter’s advisor.
The live online classes are the best! My child was dreading taking a writing class, but he absolutely loves it!
This is our first year to homeschool and it is just nice to be still connected to a school, but be flexible and do the classes when you can.
We pulled our 9-year-old son out of private school. Bridgeway has changed our lives for the better . He loves school and doing his work.
Bridgeway is an excellent choice. They fix the curriculum in such a way that it not only meets your child's needs, but your needs as well.
An outstanding school — no pressure, no gimmicks. Just simple learning. Best decision we have ever made was to put our child into this school.
New to Bridgeway and so far super happy! The materials and curriculum are wonderful and having an attentive advisor is a bonus!
Bridgeway has been a lifesaver for our homeschool. Classes are tailored to learning style. It's been an excellent opportunity for us.
The best school program. We love it! Bridgeway allows my daughter to pursue her rigorous gymnastics schedule and maintain her educational needs.
New to Bridgeway and so far super happy! The materials and curriculum are wonderful and having an attentive advisor is a bonus!
This is our first year at Bridgeway and it has been fantastic. We are new to the homeschool and I have needed a lot of guidance.
After being let down academically by an expensive Catholic school, we switched to Bridgeway. My daughter is excelling, and the flexibility is great.