Terms and Conditions

Revised 1/23/2023

By placing an order, you agree that you have read through and understand the Bridgeway Academy financial & academic policies and regulations outlined below. By submitting this order, you represent and warrant that you (i) are authorized to sign for and bind the contracting party and (ii) agree to abide by and comply with these regulations as they apply to yourself and every student you are enrolling.

Further, you understand that all references in this document to “parent” or “family” apply to the individual(s) responsible for overseeing and/or financing the education of the student(s) they enroll


  • Families who wish to withdraw must submit a formal request to withdraw. Bridgeway Academy will refund tuition paid as follows:


  • All registration, service and/or shipping fees are non-refundable.

  • Families who withdraw more than 14 days after their program start date are NOT eligible for refund and any balance owed is due immediately.


  • Withdrawals prior to July 1 of New School Year or prior to start date: Tuition refund less 10% of total annual tuition and any applicable fees.  


  • After July 1 of New School Year or within 14 days of start: Tuition refund less 20% of total annual tuition and any applicable fees.


  • Grade Level Kits (GLK) have a 14-day from receipt return period provided the materials are new and unused with no writing on any materials. A 20% restocking fee will apply. Any returned materials that are used/damaged will not be re-returned to the customer and are not eligible for refund.
  • Each HOPE Package includes a non-refundable $395 Evaluation fee.


Summary of the academic policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Parents are expected to carefully read Bridgeway Academy’s Student/Parent Handbook, provided shortly after enrollment, to become familiar with Academy policies and procedures.
  • Bridgeway Academy sometimes uses the services of educational providers to assist with course development, grade student work, or conduct on-demand tutoring services. These outside consulting firms are required to preserve the confidentiality of all information they receive from Bridgeway Academy concerning the student(s) you enroll, including their identities and their academic performance. By enrolling any student(s) with Bridgeway Academy, you are agreeing that we may share information concerning your student(s) and their academic work with these outside consulting firms.
  • Tests and other required materials for record-keeping services must be completed and returned according to school deadlines. This remains true regardless of which payment plan is selected.
  • Parents are familiar with, or will become familiar with, their state’s homeschooling laws and fulfill all requirements necessary to ensure compliance with the individual state’s regulations. Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for completing or submitting any state documents for the student.
  • All high school students must complete and pay for at least one full academic year (5 credit min.) to be eligible for graduation through Bridgeway Academy.
  • All final graduation requirements will be determined on an individual student basis and can only be determined after receipt of all official transcripts.
  • Families are responsible for purchasing all credits required for graduation.
  • Bridgeway Academy does not tolerate cheating. Parents will be expected to monitor student work diligently and prohibit any form of cheating or plagiarism.
  • To measure the student’s individual progress, all students in grades 1-11 are required to take the online diagnostic assessments to assist with placement and support of student performance at the beginning, middle, and end of each school year.
  • All students in grades 1-12 will be required to complete a Student Orientation, regardless of program type, before curriculum will be ordered. 
  • Bridgeway Academy reserves the right to deny a request for a formal Letter of Recommendation for any student enrolled for less than one academic school year and/or if a student has displayed academic dishonesty.



(See also Elephango and Live Online Classes sections)

Summary of the financial policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Registration, Shipping and Service fees are non-refundable.
    • Students enrolled in monthly payment plans need to authorize automatic payments from an approved credit/debit card or a checking account.
  • If you have selected to defer your new school year installment payments, please note that your student’s materials for the new school year will not be shipped until after the first deferred payment has been made. 
  • The family agrees to pay for the full price of their student(s)’ tuition program/record keeping fees if they do not withdraw their student(s) within 14 days of program start date. *All outstanding tuition becomes due upon withdrawal if the withdrawal occurs more than 14 days after the program start date.
  • Materials that are consumables (such as a workbook) and/or not in original condition are non-refundable and should not be returned. The value of any materials returned not in original condition will be removed from any applicable refund.  Any returned materials that are used/damaged will not be re-returned to the customer.
  • Tuition/record keeping fees will not be refunded for any withdrawal made 14 days after the start date.
  • Purchases of Homework Help are treated as a tuition purchase. This purchase falls into the category of tuition on the refund schedule.
  • A late fee of $20 will be charged when and if a scheduled tuition payment is late. If the late payment is not submitted within 30 days, the student enrollment will be put on hold.
  • Any student with an account that is 90 days past due will be withdrawn.
  • To reactivate an account put on hold, all past due tuition payments must be submitted. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the enrollment.
  • If canceled students wish to re-enroll later, they will need to enroll as a new student and pay full registration and tuition fees. NOTE: No previous payments will be credited to the new registration or tuition fees.
  • If using Bridgeway materials, families have 14 days from receipt of shipment to exchange a course (one time, per subject, per year) and will only be charged for any consumables (such as workbooks) and/or non-restockable items. Any returned materials that are used/damaged will not be re-returned to the customer. The family is responsible for all shipping costs when exchanging courses.
    • If not satisfied with the second selection, or if seeking an exchange after the first 14 days from receipt of shipment, a $75 per course restocking fee is applicable. The family is responsible for all shipping costs when exchanging courses.
  • If a family requests a course exchange that renders a 3rd party license unusable, the family is responsible for the cost of the license.  License cost runs up to $300 per course. Licenses are typically unusable 14 days after the course starts, however some licenses are unusable 14 days after course assignment.
  • Dual Enrollment college course tuition is considered non-Bridgeway supplied material. Pending the program, refunds will only be issued within 2 to 5 days of the start of the Dual Enrollment course. (2 days for Christian Halls International and 5 days for Ohio Christian University)
  • A school year extension fee for students taking textbook or online courses of $125 per student per month will be charged for all students who submit their final school grades after the due date. Additional fees apply for Elite courses. Current policy limits the number of allowed extensions to two (2) for full-year packages and one (1) for half-year packages. Extensions are not permitted for by-course enrollments. Live Online classes have an additional extension fee of $100 per course
  • Student academic records (grades and/or transcript) will not be released until the student’s account is paid in full.
  • Refund policy for change in programs: A refund of fees due to a change in the tuition package is possible only if the change in package is done within the 14-day enrollment period. After the 14-day period no refund will be processed. If the student moves to a higher tuition program the difference in program fees will be added to their account. 
  • If a student is academically or financially withdrawn and later wishes to return their schoolwork for processing, they must pay a $200 reinstatement fee. After paying the reinstatement, all fees for the full school year must be paid before grades or report card/transcripts are provided.
  • Reservation Drop Fee (Applies to Live Online Classes/programs): Bridgeway Academy limits class sizes by reserving and holding seats for enrolled students, making that seat unavailable to other students often months in advance of the course start date. A Reservation Drop Fee is applied to all Live Online Classes after enrollment. Reservation Drop Fee is $50 (per course).
  • A full year tuition package runs for 10 months (300 days) for most programs. The Elite Courses run for 280 days maximum, and the Live Online Classes run for 30 weeks.
  • A half year tuition package runs for 5 months (150 days) for most programs. The Elite Courses run for 140 days maximum, and the Live Online Classes run for 15 weeks.



  • All individual LOCs are subject to a $50 drop fee once an order is placed
  • Course refunds less 20% of tuition are only available if request is made before or within 14 days of the course start date.
  • A $50 change fee applies to all LOC change requests.
  • Changes are not permitted after the 14-day course drop deadline.
  • Registration, Shipping and Service Fees are non-refundable.
  • Any student enrolled in any Live Online Classes will need a computer headset with microphone, a high-speed internet connection and a webcam to participate in the course. It is the responsibility of the family to provide these items for their students.  Unused textbooks, unopened novel sets, and other laboratory kits may be returned within 14 days of receipt for a full refund minus any applicable shipping costs. Used or opened course materials are non-refundable items, and they should not be returned. Used materials cannot be returned and will not be awarded any refunds.
  • The family agrees to abide by all policies outlined in the Live Online Class Handbook and Bridgeway Student/Parent Handbook including those related to registration, course fees, course cancellation, and grade reporting.
  • By placing an order for Live Online Classes, I understand that recordings of classes may be used for training, educational and promotional purposes and I am granting permission for videos or screenshots that may contain my child to be used for these stated purposes only.



All students applying for a missionary, military, or pastoral scholarships must complete the proper forms and submit all required verification items before the scholarship applications will be processed. If a student qualifies for a scholarship, the amount will be refunded to the family after enrollment. The scholarship committee reserves the right to approve or disapprove of scholarships and the amount of scholarships as per the guidelines established by the board. The decision of the committee is considered final and not subject to appeal. 

Scholarships are available on grade 1-12 tuition packages only. The scholarship amount may be prorated for half-year students.


The following are the terms and conditions that constitute the Shipping Policy at Bridgeway Academy for missing or lost items.  

  • 14-Day Make It Right Policy: Bridgeway Academy takes pride in providing you with everything you need for a successful school year. Therefore, if there is anything missing from your order, we will replace it at our cost within 14 days of receipt. Please note: Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for any missing items from your shipment after 14 days of receipt of your delivery. Please check your shipment immediately upon receipt to verify all items listed on your invoice/manifest. Back ordered items will be clearly marked. Then, if you believe an item is missing, contact your advisor immediately or submit a support ticket at https://help.bridgewayacademy.com/.  
  • Shipping Delays: If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there is a significant delay in the shipment of your order, we will contact you via email or telephone.  
  • Damaged Items: Bridgeway Academy is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If there are damaged items in your order, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim. 

International Families: When a course exchange is requested, Bridgeway Academy does not cover the cost of shipping additional course materials, regardless of how soon the request occurs. Actual cost to ship will be charged, and payment must be made before course materials will be shipped.  Important Bridgeway Academy is NOT responsible for paying Customs or Brokerage Fees.


In this ever-growing age of technology, Bridgeway Academy relies heavily upon the mode of email for communicating important information with the family. This includes day-to-day help, alerts to upcoming deadlines, critical notices, re-enrollment information, and more. For that reason, Bridgeway expects the family to provide a valid email address upon enrollment and to update the Academy of any changes to that information. The Academy also expects that the family will have regular access to a computer and their email account.

If the family does not have a valid email address and/or regular access to a computer to check their email, they must alert Bridgeway Academy staff immediately. The Academy recommends, at the very least, that the family create a free email account and seek to check their correspondence from a library internet connection on a regular basis. If the family does not share a valid email address with Bridgeway Academy and/or does not check their email on a regular basis, the family understands that the enrollment process and a considerable amount of customer contact throughout the school year will be delayed and/or non-receivable.

The family agrees they will not hold Bridgeway Academy at fault for any circumstances that result due to poor email communication resulting from lack of a customer email address, invalid email address on file, and/or lack of regular customer access to their email account.

Most of our resources are available to be downloaded from our online portal. It is the responsibility of the family to have access to at least one computer and reliable internet to access these resources throughout the school year.

Some of our third party learning platforms are unavailable in particular countries. If you are not in the United States, please test all learning platform access once your accounts have been enabled. If you are using one of these platforms in a country that is blocked, you will need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access a network in another country. If using a VPN is not an option for you, please work with your advisor on other available learning platforms.


For all non-continental US orders (AK, HI, Puerto Rico), an additional service fee will be applied.


To offset the additional cost of supporting families outside the United States, there will be an additional service fee applied to all international orders.


Our team may send you text messages (SMS) to your mobile phones as a way of communicating with you.  To opt out of these messages, please reply STOP to the message you receive.


Students are required to make adequate weekly progress. Students should work according to the academic calendar and pacing guides and work a minimum of three (3) hours per week per course. This is the minimum requirement – students should expect to spend five (5) hours per week per course. If students fall below this pace for more than eight (8) consecutive weeks, students will face an academic hold followed by academic withdrawal. Tuition is non-refundable for students that are academically withdrawn. Communication with your advisor is essential if circumstances occur that prevent your student from completing the weekly minimum number of hours in the online program.


Bridgeway Academy Customers
Elephango is a third-party product and has its own terms and conditions. 

Elephango is included with certain enrollment packages. Students who receive Elephango as an item included in their enrollment and later withdraw from Bridgeway Academy will lose access to Elephango when the withdrawal process is completed.

Families who purchase Elephango as an add-on product and later withdraw or return the original product, note that your Elephango subscription is still active and will not be terminated automatically until you follow the “How to Cancel Automatic Renewal” process with Elephango. 


Elephango Terms & Conditions

What information is collected by Elephango and how is that information used?
Information we collect automatically: Whenever you use our website, we receive and store certain types of information. For example, we use cookies to monitor session information and activity on our website. We also record the web browser, computer operating system, and IP address you use to connect to our site.

Information you provide to us: We receive and store the information you enter on our website. We use that information to process your subscription, respond to your requests, improve and customize our site, and communicate with you. When you send email inquiries to Elephango, we use the return email address to answer the email inquiry. If you receive any email correspondence from us that you would rather not receive, simply follow the “unsubscribe” instructions included in the email.

To subscribe to Elephango, you will be required to enter a credit card number and billing information. When you enter this information, it will be securely encrypted using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.


Elephango does require you to enter your name, email, username, password, and billing details, which includes your full address, to use our website.

Automatic Renewal
If you purchased Elephango as an add-on product, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of each subscription term for another one-year term. You agree that we may automatically renew your subscription and charge your account on the anniversary of your last subscription date (the “Renewal Date”) unless you cancel your subscription before the Renewal Date. Elephango will automatically renew your subscription on the Renewal Date until you cancel your subscription or Elephango no longer offers the subscription service.


Notice of Automatic Renewal
You will receive an email notice approximately 10 days prior to the Renewal Date. The notice will let you know that your current subscription term is about to end, the Renewal Date when your subscription will be renewed, and your account charged. All notices regarding your subscription will be sent to your last email of record. To cancel your subscription without your account being charged for the next term, you must do so before the Renewal Date. Please keep a record of when your subscription term ends and the next Renewal Date. You are responsible for timely canceling your subscription regardless of whether you receive any notice from us. 


How to Cancel Automatic Renewal
You can cancel your account at any time by visiting the My Account page. For more information and steps, please visit our help center.

The initial subscription payment is NOT refundable. If a subscription payment is taken after your notice of cancellation, we will refund your renewal payment if you cancel your subscription prior to your Renewal Date. After the Renewal Date, your subscription payment is non-refundable, and your subscription will continue until the end of the subscription period.

Permitted Use
You agree that you are only authorized to visit, view, and retain a copy of pages of this site for your own personal use. You also agree that you shall not duplicate, download, publish, modify, or otherwise distribute the material on this site for any purpose other than to review the information therein, for personal use.

The content and software on this site and in the downloads are the property of Elephango and/or its suppliers and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. Please do not remove this notice, or these credits, or any additional information contained along with the notices and credits.

Limitations of Membership – Each family subscription includes up to four children. For families of more than four children, you are responsible to contact support for assistance in adding additional family members.

School Users are NOT permitted to assign courses, assignments, assessments, or any other content within Elephango without permission from Elephango (permission assumed when there is a subscription for the user to which you are assigning). Accounts will be monitored by our technology specialists for misuse of our system. Any misuse as stated above will be removed by Elephango and all progress will be lost.