Terms and Conditions

Revised 02/12/2024

Bridgeway Academy Terms and Conditions

By completing an enrollment in Bridgeway Academy, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to Bridgeway Academy’s financial and academic policies and regulations outlined below. By completing this enrollment, you represent and warrant that you (i) are authorized to accept these terms on behalf of the party agreeing to these terms and (ii) agree to abide by and comply with these regulations as they apply to yourself and every student you are enrolling.

Further, you understand that all references in this document to “parent” or “family” apply to the individual(s) responsible for overseeing and/or financing the education of the student(s) they enroll.


Families choosing withdrawal for their student(s) must submit a formal intent to withdraw. Bridgeway Academy will refund tuition paid as follows.

  • All registration, cost of shipped materials tied to enrollment, service, and shipping fees are non-refundable.
  • For enrollments purchased for immediate start, the following refund policy applies.
    • Withdrawals occurring within 14 days of the beginning of coursework under the enrollment are eligible for a full refund, less registration, cost of physical materials tied to the enrollment, service, and shipping fees.
    • Withdrawals occurring more than 14 but less than 30 days from the beginning of coursework under the enrollment are eligible for a refund of tuition, less 20% of total annual tuition, registration, cost of physical materials tied to the enrollment, service, and shipping fees.
    • Withdrawals occurring more than 30 days after coursework begins are not eligible for refund, and any balance owed is due immediately.
    • For year-long enrollments, the refund policy does not reset at the beginning of each semester.
  • Grade Level Kits (GLK) have a 14-day from receipt return period, provided the materials are new and unused with no writing on any materials. A 20% restocking fee will apply. Any returned materials that are used/damaged will not be re-returned to the customer and are not eligible for refund.
  • Each HOPE package includes a non-refundable $395 evaluation fee.
  • Dual Enrollment college course tuition is considered non-Bridgeway-supplied material. Refunds will only be issued within 2-5 days of starting the Dual Enrollment course, depending on the institution.
  • A refund may be available if an enrollment package/tier change is made within the first 14 days of enrollment. No refunds will be issued for changes made after these 14 days. Should the student change to a program/tier with a higher tuition, the additional fee for the new program will be charged to their account.


A summary of Bridgeway academic policies includes but is not limited to the following.

Policies and Practices

  • Families and students agree to abide by all policies outlined in the Bridgeway Parent/Student Handbook and the Live Online Class Handbook (when applicable), including those related to registration, course fees, course cancellation, and grade reporting.
  • Familiarity with individual states’ homeschooling laws, compliance, and fulfillment of requirements are the responsibilities of parents/guardians. Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for completing or submitting state documents for the student.
  • All students in grades 1st-12th will be required to complete a Family Orientation, regardless of program type, before curriculum materials are ordered/shipped or online access will be provided.
  • Bridgeway Academy reserves the right to deny a request for a formal letter of recommendation for any student enrolled for less than one academic school year and/or if a student has displayed academic dishonesty.

Academic Requirements

  • Bridgeway Academy does not tolerate cheating. Parents will be expected to monitor student work diligently and prohibit any form of cheating or plagiarism.
  • To measure the student’s progress, all Kindergarten-11th-grade students must take the online diagnostic assessments to assist with placement and support student performance at the beginning and end of each school year.
  • Tests and other required materials for record-keeping services must be completed and returned according to school deadlines. This remains true regardless of which payment plan is selected.


  • All high school students must complete and pay for at least one full academic year (5 credit min.) to be eligible for graduation through Bridgeway Academy.
  • All final graduation requirements for newly enrolled high school students will be determined on an individual student basis and can only be determined after receipt of all official transcripts.
  • Families are responsible for purchasing all credits required for graduation.


  • Bridgeway Academy sometimes uses the services of educational providers to assist with course development, grade student work, or conduct on-demand tutoring services. These outside consulting firms must preserve the confidentiality of all information they receive from Bridgeway Academy concerning student(s) enrolled or receiving services, including their identities and academic performance. By enrolling any student(s) with Bridgeway Academy, you agree that we may share information concerning your student(s) and their academic work with these outside consulting firms.
  • Recordings of Live Online Classes may be used for training, educational, and promotional purposes. Enrollment grants permission for videos or screenshots that may contain students to be used for these stated purposes only.

No Progress Policy

Students are required to make adequate weekly progress in some programs. Students and families in those programs will know this requirement and should work according to the academic calendar and pacing guides. If students fall below this pace for more than eight consecutive weeks, students will face an academic hold followed by academic withdrawal. Tuition is non-refundable for students who are academically withdrawn. Communication with your advisor is essential if circumstances prevent your student from completing the weekly minimum requirements in the online program.


A Summary of the financial policies includes but is not limited to the following.

Tuition and Payment

  • Authorization of automatic payments from an approved credit/debit card or checking account is required for all students enrolled under monthly payment plans. It is the family’s responsibility to ensure that automated payments are set up correctly (e.g., using the correct card, bank, etc.)
  • Student materials will not be shipped until families have met with an Advisor to  determine and finalize course and material selections.
  • Student academic records (grades and/or transcript) will not be released until the student’s account is fully paid.

Extension Fees

  • A school year extension fee of $125.00 will be charged per student per month for students taking textbook or online courses if final school grades are submitted after the due date. Additional fees apply for some courses (e.g., courses with instructional services).
  • Two (2) extensions are allowed for full-year packages and one (1) for half-year packages. Extensions are not permitted for by-course enrollments. Live Online Classes have an additional extension fee of $100 per course.

Late Fees/Payments

  • A late fee of $20.00 will be charged when a scheduled tuition payment is late. If the late payment is not submitted within 30 days, the student’s enrollment will be put on hold, causing disabling of accounts so that platforms and content are inaccessible.


  • Reactivating an account put on hold requires payment of all past-due tuition payments. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the enrollment.
  • Any student with an account payment 90 days past due will be withdrawn.
  • Re-enrolling after withdrawal or cancellation of enrollment will be treated as enrolling a new student. Full payment of any outstanding tuition and fees from the previous enrollment, in addition to new registration and tuition fees for the re-enrollment, is required. Previous payments will not be credited toward the new registration or tuition fees.
  • Students who have been academically or financially withdrawn may submit coursework for inclusion on grade reports or transcripts within six months of withdrawal.  A $200 reinstatement fee will be applied. In the case of financial withdrawal, the reinstatement fee and all fees for the full school year must be paid before grades, report cards, or transcripts are provided.

Course and Tier (Program) Changes

  • Families have 14 days from receipt of shipment to exchange a course (one time, per subject, per year) and will only be charged for any consumables (such as workbooks) and/or non-restockable items. Any non-consumable, returned materials that are used/damaged will not be returned to the customer. The family is responsible for all shipping costs when exchanging courses.
  • Consumable materials, like workbooks, are not eligible for a refund and should not be returned if used or not in their original condition. Any materials returned in a used or damaged state will be deducted from the refund. Please note that used or damaged materials received as part of a return will not be returned to the family.
  • Additional selection changes, or if an exchange occurs after the first 14 days from receipt of shipment, will result in a $75 per course restocking fee. The family is responsible for all shipping costs when exchanging courses.
  • Course exchanges that render a third-party license non-refundable will result in a charge to cover the cost of the license. License costs run up to $300 per course.  Licenses are typically non-refundable 14 days after the course starts; however, some licenses are non-refundable 14 days after the course assignment.


  • Bridgeway Academy limits class sizes by reserving and holding seats for enrolled students, often months before the course starts, making that seat unavailable to other students. A Reservation Drop Fee is applied to all Live Online Classes after enrollment. The Reservation Drop Fee is $75 (per course).
  • Should Bridgeway Academy determine the need to cancel a scheduled section or class due to lack of enrollment, families will be notified, and an alternative section/class choice will be offered. No refunds will be issued.
  • All individual LOCs are subject to a $75 drop fee once enrollment has been completed.
  • A $50 change fee applies to all LOC course change requests. Changes are not permitted after the 14-day course drop deadline.
  • Students enrolled in an LOC must have a computer headset with a microphone, a high-speed internet connection, and a readily available webcam.


All students applying for missionary, military, or pastoral scholarships must complete the proper forms and submit all required verification items before scholarship applications are processed. If a student qualifies for a scholarship, the amount will be refunded to the family after enrollment. The scholarship committee reserves the right to approve or decline the awarding of scholarships, including determining amounts, per the guidelines established by the board. The committee’s decision is considered final and not subject to appeal.

Scholarships are available on 1st-12th grade tuition packages only. The scholarship amount may be prorated for half-year students.


The following are the terms and conditions that constitute the Shipping Policy at Bridgeway Academy.

14-Day Make It Right Policy

  • Bridgeway Academy will replace, at our cost, any item missing from a shipment within 14 days of receipt. Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for any missing items from your shipment after 14 days of receipt of your delivery.

Shipping Delays

  • Should Bridgeway Academy experience a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. If there is a significant delay in the shipment of your order, you will be contacted via email or telephone.

Damaged Items

  • Bridgeway Academy is not liable for any products damaged or lost during shipping. If your order has damaged items, please contact the shipment carrier to file a claim.

International Families

  • Bridgeway Academy does not cover the cost of shipping additional course materials in cases of course exchange, regardless of how quickly the request occurs. The actual shipping cost will be charged, and payment must be made before additional course materials are shipped.
  • Bridgeway Academy is NOT responsible for paying Customs or Brokerage Fees.

Service Fees

  • An additional service fee will be applied to orders for families outside the continental U.S. (internationally, Alaska, Hawaii, and the U.S. Territories).


Bridgeway Learning Center
The Bridgeway Learning Center is an essential online portal where parents and students can monitor academic progress, receive important notifications, explore learning preferences, and access various resources, including handbooks, calendars, orientation materials, and course resources. It also serves as a platform to check grades, seek assistance, and utilize other tools and information beneficial for Bridgeway students and families.

By using the Bridgeway Learning Center, families acknowledge and agree that Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for any issues or complications arising from a parent, family member, or student’s inability to use or failure to regularly log into the Bridgeway Learning Center.

Third-Party Usage
Bridgeway Academy services may involve third-party providers, including but not limited to educational platforms, software, and additional resources. These third-party services have their own terms and conditions, which are separate from these terms and conditions. By using these third-party services, families agree to adhere to and be bound by their respective terms and conditions. It is the parent’s responsibility to review and understand these terms before using any third-party service. Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for any third-party providers’ content, policies, or practices. Parent agreement to and compliance with these third-party terms is a condition of your enrollment and continued use of Bridgeway Academy’s services.

International Use of Third-Party Platforms
Certain third-party learning platforms may not be accessible outside the United States. Families abroad should test access to these platforms once accounts are set up. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) may be necessary if access is blocked. VPN setup and maintenance are the family’s responsibility. Bridgeway advisors may have alternative platform options if using a VPN is not possible.

E-Mail Communications
Bridgeway Academy uses email to send vital information to families, including everyday assistance, deadline reminders, important notices, and re-enrollment details. Families must provide a current email address at enrollment and inform us of any changes to this address. It’s also expected that families have regular access to a computer and email.

Not providing a valid email address or failing to check emails regularly may cause delays in enrollment and communication throughout the school year. Families acknowledge that Bridgeway Academy is not responsible for issues arising from a parent, family, or student’s inability to receive and respond to email communications.

Text Message/SMS Policy
Bridgeway staff may send SMS text messages to mobile phones. Parents have the ability/right to opt out of these messages, if desired, by replying STOP to any message.