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Dual Enrollment at Bridgeway enables you to support your high schooler in reaching their full potential as they explore future areas of study and push themselves to accomplish their goals. Students can experience college-level academics while completing homeschool high school by testing the waters with just one course, or they can earn an accredited associate degree by the time they graduate high school.

Dual enrollment for your homeschoolers can enable them to strive for academic excellence and achieve their goals. Learn more about our dual enrollment programs and the possibilities available for your student!

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Online Dual Enrollment for Homeschoolers

Getting into the college or university of their dreams is one of the most important milestones for your teen. Bridgeway is committed to helping your student reach their academic goals by offering homeschooling for college credit through our dual enrollment program. Your student can earn up to a full year of college credits, giving them the head start they need to pursue their ambitions.

Through our online dual enrollment program, your teen can choose from a variety of college courses that will contribute to accredited high school and college transcripts. They can work with Bridgeway advisors and college professors to ensure they meet requirements, overcome challenges, and prepare for a smooth transition to their preferred institution.

Dual enrollment through Bridgeway offers a low-cost, high-reward way of preparing your high schooler for what lies ahead. It can bring your student several benefits, including:

  • A way to stand out from the crowd
  • An exciting and rigorous academic challenge
  • The guides and resources they need to succeed
  • Options to customize their schedule
  • Flexibility to pick and choose high school and college courses
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Online Associate’s Degree Through Homeschool Dual Enrollment

If your student is ready to take the next step and complement their high school homeschool program with an associate degree, Bridgeway can help them pave that path. Your teen can graduate high school with an Associate of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from one of our partner universities, choosing from over 60 college courses to design a personalized schedule. Driven students can graduate high school with more than just a diploma as they take 10 to 11 college courses in their junior and senior years.

Bridgeway can provide your high school student the advantage they need to succeed in the real world. We offer international accreditation, giving you and your teen peace of mind and security in the future, knowing their hard work will be recognized wherever their path takes them. Your student will have access to all the support and resources they need right when they need them.

Graduating high school with an associate’s degree opens a world of opportunities for your student, enabling them to:

  • Prepare for continued education
  • Jump into a career
  • Pursue their dreams
  • Gain a competitive edge
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Have Questions? We’ve Got Answers

If you need help understanding whether dual enrollment is right for your high school student, browse our frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, contact our enrollment team today!

Are there any prerequisites for the associate degree program?

Before enrolling in the associate degree program, students will need to have completed two years of Honors English, Biology, Chemistry or Physics, World Geography, Health, Personal Finance, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and two years of a foreign language. If these courses have not been taken, your student will have to complete them while in the program, in addition to their college courses.

Can my student start college courses at any time?

We are able to work with you and your student to find the courses that they need and come up with a schedule that works for them. There are multiple start dates throughout the school year, through our partnerships with Ohio Christian University and Christian Halls International. Each has specific times throughout the year when applications are due and courses are scheduled to begin.

Will the college credits automatically transfer to any college my child chooses to attend?

We always encourage students to contact the college or university that they wish to attend to confirm that the institution will accept transfer credits from our college partners. Each school is different, and they have their own sets of requirements that they look for from a college transfer course. However, because these courses are fully accredited, they are generally accepted by most institutions.

Does my student have to be signed in at a specific time each day? Are there deadlines on assignments?

The courses at Ohio Christian University are asynchronous, meaning that your student can log in at their convenience. Assignments are handed out on Mondays and are due Sunday night. At LeTourneau and Southeastern, the assignments are handed out on Wednesdays and are due Tuesday night.

Courses at Dallas International University are synchronous. Students must attend the live online lectures.

Upon starting the course, make sure your student reads the course syllabus to know when specific assignments are due as well as the professor’s expectations.

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