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, 7 Benefits of Summer School

7 Benefits of Summer School

, 7 Benefits of Summer School

Summer learning loss is a common occurrence with students who are away from learning for a quarter of the year. Learn how to make learning fun over the summer with these 7 tips!

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Summer Is Fun. “Summer Slide” Is Not.
To most kids, summer means freedom! The freedom to get outside and play with friends, go swimming, take memorable vacations with their families, and relax on the couch or by the pool without a worry in the world. For most homeschool parents/teachers, summer means all of the above as well, plus one other important thing…Summer Learning Loss! Did you know that, during the summer, kids lose an average of two months of reading skills and 2.6 months of math skills? This is called Summer Learning Loss, the Summer Slide, and Summer Brain Drain, among others. And it can take weeks, if not months, for children to relearn everything you worked so hard to teach and they worked so diligently to learn.

7 Benefits of Summer School
Our free downloadable whitepaper, 7 Benefits of Summer School, provides plenty of ways that summer school can be enjoyable and beneficial to kids while they still enjoy their summer break. Whether it’s to recover credits, work toward early graduation, or simply keep the mind fresh to prevent “brain drain,” there are several benefits to participating in summer school.

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