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Curriculum Designed Around How Kids Learn Best

Discover! curriculum for levels 1-6 leverages the neuroscience of learning paired with research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of today’s unique learners. The Instructional Design framework includes scenario-based learning, visuals, consolidation, critical thinking, and character building, making Discover! the only elementary curriculum that combines the best of interactive and student-driven learning with beautiful textbooks and fully developed instructor guides.


Why Do Kids Love Learning with Discover! Curriculum?

Family-friendly content helps students discover their unique gifts, find and express their voice, and make individual choices as they navigate through the learning process. Fun characters in the lessons challenge students to think globally as they respond to questions and complete creative projects. Students learn the “why” and “how” through an engaging mix of direct instruction, interactive activities, hands-on opportunities, and problem solving.

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Consistent practice exercises, learning extension activities, and essential ELA components for each grade level –no extra spelling or handwriting courses required!

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Designed for exploration and discovery with beautiful illustrations, thought-provoking questions, and labs or hands-on activities in every engaging lesson.

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Social Studies

From families to communities, to geography and history, students enjoy fun illustrations, interactive activities, and lessons that help them better understand the world around them.

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Students see math from a whole new perspective as they learn the why and how through storytelling, real-life scenarios, direct instruction, hands-on activities, and problem-solving.

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Homeschool-Friendly, Student-First Curriculum That Inspires the Whole Family

Why do parents and students love Discover! curriculum? Textbooks with visually stimulating imagery and friendly characters make students want to keep going, with engaging activities that bring learning from the page to real life.

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Beautiful Textbooks

Colorful pages, a modern look and feel, fun characters, and family-friendly content generate interest and make learning fun.

Fully Developed Instructor Guides

One-to-one instructor guides provide additional activities and challenges that leverage a student’s unique strengths.

Focus on Exploration and Discovery

Discover! empowers kids to make discoveries and connect learning to life, building confidence and creating a lifelong love for learning.

Parent Praises

“So far, I love it! Second-year using it for Pre-K and kindergarten. I am doing just what the teacher guide says to do for language and he is reading now that we are at the end of the program. So excited for him!”

Thomas Bartmess

Create a Lifelong Love of Learning
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