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Philosophy of Learning, Philosophy of Learning
Philosophy of Learning, Philosophy of Learning

Philosophy of Learning

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Bridgeway’s Five Tenets of Learning



We believe that the teaching of history must have its foundation in accurate historical facts. We also believe that history can inform decisions today; therefore, students should be challenged to apply lessons from history to current events.



We believe in responsible citizenship and this begins with a love for our country, a respect for our leaders, and a thankfulness for the freedoms we enjoy.



We believe that all people have been uniquely and wonderfully made and designed for a purpose. Understanding that purpose leads to confidence, a strong sense of self, and a desire to make a difference in their community.



We believe that a responsible education means helping students develop character, integrity, personal responsibility, and empathy for those around them.



We believe that social justice, gender identity, and critical race theory lead to the definition of an individual by a larger group; therefore, these concepts do not belong in our classes or curriculum. Instead, our instruction emphasizes the unique purpose, dignity, value and responsibility of each individual. A responsible education motivates students to become lifelong learners and equips them with tools to approach current and historic events and issues with empathy, compassion and a desire to make a difference. It also develops the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate information and make informed decisions.

Bridgeway’s Learning Design

  • Learning should be customized to meet the academic needs and learning style of each student as well as to what motivates and excites them.
  • Learning should be relevant. When students can connect learning to life, it increases both understanding and retention.
  • Learning should point students toward their incredible design and purpose.
  • Learning should give students the tools to see learning opportunities all around them and empower them to take ownership of that learning.
  • Learning should require students to think critically in order to gain the skills necessary to succeed at anything they choose to pursue.

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