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Missionaries, Missionaries
Missionaries, Missionaries


Homeschool courses and programs that can travel with you–the best option for missionary families

Serving you so you can serve others

The mission field is often one of the most blessed and challenging callings. Missionary families who serve overseas will encounter many amazing wonders and challenging obstacles while seeking to spread the gospel.

But with a homeschool partner like Bridgeway Academy, giving your child a thorough homeschool education doesn’t have to be another mountain to climb.

We’re here to serve you. From our academic advisors, who help you find the perfect curriculum fit and schedule for your child, to our online program, where you can get immediate feedback regarding your child’s grades and mastery, you’re never alone. No matter where you are.

Accredited transcripts that provide peace of mind

Because we are an accredited homeschool provider without walls, you get the benefit of being able to serve and do school from the field with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is receiving a top-notch education that meets international standards.

And your child will graduate with a diploma that is accepted by colleges and universities around the world. Whether you go with our Bridgeway Total Care package, where we take care of everything, or our Support package to complement your own curriculum, you can rest easy knowing that your child’s transcript will be as competitive as their peers regardless of where we send the diploma.

Our Way of Saying, “Thank You”

Serving as a missionary is a calling that we at Bridgeway Academy want to commend. As a thank-you for your commitment, we offer a substantial Missionary Family Discount. We’re excited to help you spread the gospel inside and outside of your home.

For more information about our homeschool programs for Missionary Families please call 800-863-1474

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