Graduation Requirements

Preparing high school students for the future with the standards of college admissions officers and future employers

Homeschool Graduation Requirements

Bridgeway Academy students have been impressing admissions officers for two decades, and much of it is due to our rigorous homeschool graduation requirements. We’ve had students go to Boston University, Stanford, Amherst, Brown, Penn State, Virginia Tech and hundreds more.

And while our requirements are thorough and rigorous enough to impress the toughest admission committees, we are still dedicated to individualized learning programs. Bridgeway Academy high school students choose one of five academic tracks, each with their own set of homeschooling requirements.

Graduation Requirement Details

All Bridgeway Academy students MUST complete a minimum of 5 credit courses (the equivalent of one school year) to graduate. High school seniors transferring to Bridgeway who require less than 5 credits to complete their graduation track must take additional elective courses to meet the 5 credit minimum.

Within our five graduation tracks, there are specific course/credit graduation requirements, but each track includes the following as a minimum:

Course Credits
English Language Arts 4 credits
Math 3–4 credits depending on diploma track
Science 3–4 credits depending on diploma track
Social Studies 4 credits—must include World History, World Geography, US History, and US Government
Humanities Electives 2 credits–must include one course in religious studies
Foreign Language 0–3 credits depending on diploma track
Speech ½ credit
Health ½ credit
Personal Finance ½ credit
Fine Arts 1 credit
Technology ½ credit
State History 1 course
PE 1 credit

For a detailed breakdown of all graduation tracks and their respective graduation requirements, download the Graduation Requirements Chart linked below.

Bridgeway’s Graduation Requirements