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homeschooling middle school, Middle School
homeschooling middle school, Middle School

Middle School Curriculum

The middle school “identity years” can be tough. A personalized homeschool program lets your child explore who they are with confidence.

Bridgeway Middle School Live Classes

The Homeschool Programs and Curriculum that Prepare Them for the Next Challenge

Middle school is the time to become even more intentional about investing in your children — both academically and relationally — and homeschooling with Bridgeway lets you do just that. With homeschool programs and classes designed to prepare your middle school students for high school, you can focus on encouraging them and building character for life.

Live Online Classes

The classes that kids take in middle school prepare them for the classes that they take in high school, which in turn open doors to the future. With Bridgeway’s carefully-designed live online classes, you can rest assured that your middle schooler will be ready!

Instructor Led


We do the teaching with our certified instructors! We also take care of the grading and keeping the student accountable. Students meet once a week at the same time. Choose from core courses and fun electives.

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