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Online Dual Enrollment, Dual Enrollment
Online Dual Enrollment, Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment

Save money, graduate early, and set your student apart with a dual enrollment homeschool program that prepares them for success.

Dual Enrollment — Earn College Credits in High School

Why Wait? Start College Now!

Getting into the college or university of their dreams is one of the most important milestones that your teen will face. And yet, it’s becoming more difficult for a student to set themselves apart from the crowd. Not to mention that college costs become more expensive each year. The answer to these challenges: Dual Enrollment. With Dual Enrollment, your student can experience college-level academics now, reduce the amount of credits they will need later, and gain a leg up on their peers in the college admissions process.

Best of all, it saves you money!

Your student can test the waters with just one course, or choose the College Now! Dual Enrollment program, or earn their Associate’s Degree while still in high school.

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This program has application and enrollment deadlines, and students cannot be accepted into the College Now program past these dates: Fall Semester application/enrollment deadline: January 15-April 15 and Spring Semester application/enrollment deadline: August 15-October 15.

All Dual Enrollment courses come from the perspective of a Christian world- and life-view, providing a solid foundation as students prepare for the future.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Advanced high school students can earn both high school and up to 24 college credits (a full year’s worth!) in this full-year dual enrollment program, which includes up to eight courses, full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy, accreditation, support from an academic advisor, and transcripts.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Through a partnership with Ohio Christian University, your motivated student can graduate high school with an Associate Degree! This program not only provides a head start on college studies, but it also offers an amazing opportunity for students to experience high-level academics, interact with college professors, and develop the self-management skills they’ll need for college–all while still in high school. This program is available for juniors and seniors and includes accreditation, full support, and full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy.

Dual Enrollment FAQs

Before enrolling in the Associate Degree program, students will need to have completed two years of English, Biology, Chemistry, World Geography, Health, Personal Finance, Computer, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and two years of a foreign language. If these courses have not been taken, your student will have to complete them while in the program, in addition to their college courses.

We are able to work with you and your student to find the courses that your student needs and come up with a schedule that works for them. There are six start dates throughout the school year, though Ohio Christian University has specific times throughout the year when applications are due and courses are scheduled to begin.

We always encourage students to contact the college or university that they wish to attend to confirm that the institution will accept transfer credits from our college partners. Each school is different, and they have their own sets of requirements that they look for from a college transfer course. However, due to these courses being fully accredited, they are generally accepted by most institutions.

The courses are asynchronous in that your student can log in at their convenience. Assignments are handed out on Mondays and are due Sunday night. Upon starting the course, make sure your student reads the course syllabus to know when specific assignments are due and the professor’s expectations.          

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