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Virtual Middle School, Elite
Virtual Middle School, Elite

Online Homeschooling for Middle School

Engaging middle school courses, expert teachers, and the flexibility and accreditation you deserve. And NCAA-approved.

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Personalized Learning, Unparalleled Guidance

Bridgeway Academy’s Elite Online Middle School Program

Some students want and need it all: engaging classes, expert teaching, and year-round support. That’s what Bridgeway Academy’s Elite Middle School Program gives your child: the best classes with direct teacher interaction and support that ensures they are prepared for high school. And since our classes are pre-recorded by the instructor, our homeschooling classes are available online anytime, anywhere, so you’re in charge of your schedule. Our Elite Program is a great option for gifted students who want more advanced classes and student-athletes who need more flexibility in their schooling schedule. Our Elite Program is also NCAA-approved!

Face-to-Face Homeschooling That Motivates

Bridgeway Academy’s Elite Middle School Program is tailored to meet the needs of students who want more teacher interaction and support. Our innovative program includes an on-demand year of fully online middle school homeschool courses, tutoring, full teacher support, grade reporting and feedback, and the courses that your student wants to take. Even though the classes are pre-recorded, your student will interact with their teacher via weekly check-ins. And teachers can be reached via chat, email, phone, or web meetings throughout the week. Our accreditation gives you peace of mind knowing that your student’s future is secure.

Our Elite Program includes:

  • Top-notch accreditation

    Recognized around the world, giving you peace of mind and securing your child’s future.

  • Unlimited support

    Expert homeschool advisors who are with you every step of the way, so you can homeschool with confidence.

  • Records and support

    A complete year of record-keeping, including report cards, transcripts, permanent records, honor roll, and that valued diploma upon graduation.

  • A full year of tailored curriculum

    Includes core courses and electives.

  • Regular check-ins

    To ensure your child is on track.

  • On-demand tutoring

    Tutoring is available every weekday from 8 AM to 10 PM ET, and on weekends.

  • Online instruction

    We do the teaching.

  • Grading

    We handle it all.

Payment Option

Elite Package FAQs

The biggest difference between the two programs is the level of support and accountability. With our online homeschool program, you as the parent are in the driver’s seat. Your advisor provides support, records, and accountability but does not hold the role of teacher. With the Elite Virtual Program, your student has a teacher for every course, is able to contact a tutor for additional help as needed, and must remain on pace with a specific schedule. If you are seeking more support or would like your student to have access to teachers for every subject, then the Elite Virtual Program is the right choice.

Teachers do not hold specific class periods or provide live instruction. Instead, instruction is pre-recorded and the teachers are there to support the student with additional instruction or reteaching as needed, feedback on assessments, and another level of accountability to help your students stay on track. Teachers have weekly check-ins with each student and can be contacted during the week if your child has questions or needs help. If you are seeking live classes, be sure to check out the Live Online program. 

Please be sure to review the technical requirements.

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