Homeschooling the Military Child

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Homeschooling the Military Child

Military children face unique challenges which is why many military parents turn to homeschooling. Discover what homeschooling could mean for your child with this free resource!

The Military Child

Serving one’s country is brave and noble. It also demands flexibility–not only for the courageous soldier, but for his or her family as well. Life as a military family is not without challenges, and often it’s the kids who struggle the most. Not only with the stress of having a parent in potentially dangerous situations, but also with the constant redeployment and moves. Leaving behind friends, routines, and schools is difficult for children…but there is a solution.

Homeschooling Military Kids

Along with the sadness and stress of saying goodbye to friends in the middle of a school year, it can be very difficult for kids to integrate themselves into a public school mid-year. Curriculum might be different, making new friends is tough, grades may suffer. Homeschooling is the perfect solution. Our free downloadable whitepaper, Homeschooling the Military Child, is full of information about homeschooling and why it’s such a fantastic option for military families–consistent curriculum, no more having to remove kids from school and place into another, and a structured and familiar environment to name a few.