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Learning Style Overview Download

Discover how your student learns best based on their learning style, what they need to learn, where they learn best, and more!

How Does Your Child Learn Best?

How your student grasps information is vital to his or her education. If a child learns best by seeing, then a lengthy spoken lesson will not have any lasting impact. If your student needs movement and hands-on activity to learn, a primarily visual lesson may not resonate. Knowing how your child learns best will shape their schooling for years to come.

Tailoring Education to Their Learning Style

Once you’ve identified your child’s learning style (with Bridgeway’s help), you can use that knowledge to create lesson plans and curricula that your student will respond to. And once your student responds, the love of learning and school will return to your classroom.

This resource guides you through the three different learning styles—visual, kinesthetic, and auditory—and explains attributes of each style, including who learns that way, where they learn, how they learn, and what they need to learn.

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