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Athletes and Performers, Athletes and Performers
Athletes and Performers, Athletes and Performers

Athletes and Performers

We are proud to work with the best homeschooling families, charter schools, and private schools as we continue to create innovative education solutions.

Opening Doors Through Homeschooling

If your child is an elite athlete or performer, your entire family has made exceptional sacrifices to support their extracurricular dreams. But pursuing those dreams should not mean sacrificing the quality of their education. Don’t settle for less — Bridgeway Academy’s homeschooling programs for athletes and performers enable your family to balance a demanding schedule with a quality education that opens doors to the future.

Finding Balance Is Key to Success

We’ve worked with many elite athletes and exceptional performers over the years, so we know how grueling the schedule can be. And we understand the unique needs of scheduling both the “school day” and the “school year” around those pursuits. With year-round enrollment, your star performer can go to school any time, anywhere. Our flexibility gives your family the perfect balance between academics and other achievements.

Our fully-accredited programs ensure that your child gets the education they need and the recognition they deserve while they pursue their passions.

The Importance of NCAA Approval for Student-Athletes

For many student-athletes, the dream of earning a college athletic scholarship is what drives them. But playing their sport well, although a large part of the college equation, is just one aspect of a successful college recruitment process. In order for courses to be NCAA Division I and II approved, they must adhere to college preparatory standards and meet the rigor, content, and course length expected of a college-prep course.

Two Programs That Meet NCAA Standards

The Homeschool Umbrella Program

Bridgeway Academy’s NCAA-approved homeschool umbrella program means that student-athletes can take advantage of textbook and online homeschool courses and earn credits that not only bring them closer to graduation but closer to Division I and II scholarship opportunities as well.

Bridgeway Academy’s Elite Virtual Program

When a student-athlete opts to complete high school requirements using online courses, the NCAA has additional standards that must be met. These include regular student-teacher interactions, direct teacher evaluations and feedback on student academics, and opportunities for phone, virtual, and email conversations on an individual level. Courses must also meet minimum time-period requirements and the content must be greater than or equivalent to the amount of content in traditional high school courses.

Bridgeway Academy is proud to announce that our Elite Virtual Program combines our world-renowned homeschool support with direct teacher interaction for every course. Students can attend classes online any time from anywhere and take advantage of our highly-qualified and supportive teachers, who work with the students all year long.

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