As Father’s day quickly approaches, I would like to share some tips and ideas for fathers on Father’s Day. If you are reading in the middle of the series, I encourage you to go back and take a look at this week’s previous post: Father’s Day Part I- Reflection. Each post is designed to inspire ideas and pass on the wisdom of fathers who have made making lasting memories a priority.

For today’s wisdom, read on!

Capture the Moment  

Meet Lonny. Lonny and his family believe in creating memorable moments where every activity becomes a unique adventure that they get to experience together.

Recently, he took his youngest son for an afternoon motorcycle ride through a forest near their home. The adventure started the moment they began packing and continued throughout the drive to their destination, the ride, lunch, and their return trip. One notable “moment” was when they decided to have their lunch right in the middle of a stream. Yes, they got wet getting there, but now they have a special rock in the middle of a stream and a fun memory to call their own.

A snapshot in time that will likely be a part of reminiscing for years to come.

On another occasion, Lonny turned his older son’s run into a special memory when he grabbed his mountain bike and decided to ride alongside him. He spent that morning cheering him on, making him laugh and turning what would have been a quick run into a new trough of happy memories.

And over the years the myriad impromptu moments, road trips and holidays come together to build a bond that’s unique and special to their family and enrich their father and son connection.

He sums it up this way:

We try our best never to let an opportunity to create a moment slip by because we are too busy. Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the daily activities that it’s easy to blend days, weeks and months together.

We break that cycle by taking a routine activity and creating a mini adventure where we get to experience things together to create a special moment—a snapshot in time that you can’t help remembering.  

What are you doing this day, this week or this month to slow down and create memories together? We only have a short time to spend with each of our kids. Let’s take time today to capture the moment and build some lasting memories with our family.  

Want to share how you are capturing the moment? Tell us in a comment below! And don’t forget to stay tuned for our next Father’s Day post- Tackling a Challenge Together.