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Bridgeway Academy Teacher Spotlight: Kate Kosh

by David Engle | Jan 04, 2022 | 4 min read

At Bridgeway Academy, we consider teachers to be heroes, whether it’s you as a parent homeschooling your child or one of our amazing instructors. Every day, teachers passionately take on the responsibility of educating, supporting, shaping, inspiring, comforting, rooting on, and pushing students to be their best selves.

Teachers deserve all the recognition we can bestow upon them, and every so often we’ll be spotlighting one of our wonderful instructors in this blog. The first was Kimberly Bennett, our Live Online Lead Teacher. Next was Courtney Markiewicz, one of our Lead Teachers, followed by Colin Hickey, a fifth-grade Live Online Teacher. Today we’ll talk to Kate Kosh, a fourth-grade Line Online Teacher! Let’s get to know Kate a little bit better.

Bridgeway Academy: Can you share a little bit about your experience or background as a teacher?

Kate Kosh: I pursued my dream of teaching through Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree with a certification of K-6. I obtained my Master’s in Education in 2016 with an added endorsement in Autism Spectrum Disorder. Before obtaining a full-time job, I was a substitute teacher in a fairly large school district. I covered all grades, from preschool through high school. I also subbed in learning support classes as well as life support classes. I eventually went on to teach first grade, second grade, and fourth grade.

BA: What brought you to Bridgeway?

KK: So many different things! From my prior subbing experience, I knew that I wanted more diversity. At the time, my teaching position was in a very small, rural, private school. I wanted more. Realistically speaking, my family couldn’t just pick up and move, but I could look at teaching online. There were many openings in a variety of schools due to the pandemic, but Bridgeway spoke to my heart. I loved that it was a Christian-based school. Their values seemed to be aligned with mine.

BA: What makes Bridgeway special for both teachers and students?

KK: Bridgeway is so special. The teachers are absolutely amazing. They are so kind and truly care about their students. The students want to learn. They are so excited to interact with the teachers and other students.

BA: Which classes do you teach for Bridgeway, and what do you enjoy most about teaching them?

KK: I teach the Live Online Classes in fourth grade. I love fourth grade. The students are becoming more independent but also still love their teachers. I also enjoy the curriculum. Students are beginning to write in more genres. They are learning new and different strategies in Math and how it applies to real life. They are also expanding their knowledge in Science and Social Studies while finding what they are most interested in.

BA: What makes those classes in particular such a great experience for students?

KK: These classes are so valuable for students in that they get to interact with each other. They literally get to interact with children from around the world. I can teach them skills and curriculum, but they are also learning how to be a good friend to others.

BA: What favorite “moment” or memory stands out during your time with Bridgeway?

KK: I have so many moments that stand out to me. One favorite moment was last year, when we were doing creative writing. The students’ poems were beautiful. The creativity and beauty they brought to their poems was simply amazing.

Another favorite moment happened this year during conferences. Most of my parents signed up for a conference, and it was amazing meeting parents from all over the world. It was so easy to see that, despite being across the globe, we were working together for one common goal–to provide their student(s) with the best education. Meeting these parents absolutely solidified my belief that we are all much more alike than different.

BA: At the end of the day, what do you hope your students take from your class?

KK: Of course, I hope that they take away the skills and education that I have tried to teach, but more importantly, I hope they take away that they are valued and loved.

BA: Many people–teachers, advisors, students, and parents–express how it feels like they’re all part of a larger Bridgeway “family.” What do you think contributes to that sense of community?

KK: Bridgeway has become a second “family” to me. I have never worked for a school that values their staff and families so much. Everyone is so kind and helpful. You never feel as if you are on an island. As a student or a teacher, you always know that there is someone there to help you.

BA: What advice would you give to families who are considering choosing Bridgeway as their homeschool partner?

KK: Bridgeway not only provides excellent curriculum choices, but they have some of the most caring teachers and advisors you could ever meet.  There are so many different options to suit your needs, but Bridgeway also allows you control over your child’s education. When your child joins Bridgeway, they will be in the best hands you can ask for.

Many thanks to Kate for taking time out of her busy day to answer our questions–and a big shout-out to all of Bridgeway Academy’s incredible teachers for leading and inspiring our students. Bridgeway offers a high-quality education in a variety of forms–online, textbook, self-paced, and (as Kate mentioned…and teaches!) live classes, as well as the flexibility you’re looking for. Call us today at (800) 863-1474 to learn more and see why so many families trust Bridgeway Academy with their child’s education.

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