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Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities
Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities

Homeschooling for Students with Learning Disabilities

Success is right around the corner with Bridgeway’s award-winning HOPE program.

Homeschooling and Learning Disabilities

If your child has a learning disability, you’re not alone. As many as one in three students deals with a learning disability. And this struggle can leave you feeling hopeless.

Get ready for change.

We have met many of these students and watched them transform from defeated and discouraged to confident and ready to conquer any challenge. But we also often hear parents confess they don’t think they’re up to the challenge of homeschooling a child with learning disabilities.

That’s why finding a homeschool partner is essential.

Customization, flexibility, and support are all essential for homeschooling children with learning disabilities. And with Bridgeway’s Total Care HOPE program, your child gets the year of curriculum and instruction they need to thrive, and you get the one-on-one support you’ve been missing.

Get the tools and resources you need to see your child grow and reclaim their love of learning.

In fact, we’ve designed a specialized program just for struggling students. Learn about our specialized learning disability program, Bridgeway HOPE, and the amazing healing and growth that has blessed families just like yours.

Your child can succeed.

If your student struggles with a learning disability, you know it impacts their life outside the classroom. It affects their self-esteem, ability to express themselves, and how they handle stress.

But don’t let learning disabilities define who they are.

Too often parents settle and simply accept things as they are. The fact that you are reading this page says that you are a parent who wants more for your child.  And we are here to help your child overcome those disabilities and discover that personal excellence. Our award-winning HOPE program means that you have direct access to our customized curriculum, personal support, and a proven, computer-generated learning therapy program that is guaranteed to change lives.

Help your child rediscover their love of learning, personal excellence, and dreams for the future. Because HOPE makes all the difference.

To restore HOPE for your child with learning disabilities, please call one of our Admissions Representatives at 800.863.1474.

Learn More about HOPE for Learning Disabilities

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