Easter is right around the corner, and no matter how you prefer to celebrate, the holiday lends itself well to activities to engage your learner. We’ve scoured our favorite blogs and websites to bring you 10 activities for Easter fun!

  1. Easter-themed vocabulary lists are a great way to practice spelling and handwriting. 
  2. Word searches and crossword puzzles fire up the brain. 
  3. Make Easter Bunny Munch Mix for a festive snack. Turn the recipe into a math lesson (ask your learner questions, like “How many pounds is 24 ounces?”) or a science lesson (“How does hot air cause corn kernels to pop?”). 
  4. Test the strength of egg shells with this bridge-building experiment
  5. Similarly, test the strength of eggs by seeing what happens when you walk on them. For older kids, make it a lesson on pressure and force. 
  6. Get chemistry involved by growing your own Easter crystals:
    1. Good for younger kids
    2. Better suited for older learners
  7. Explore Newton’s 3 laws of motion with an Easter catapult
  8. Look into Easter traditions from your family’s heritage. Then, try out one of the traditions! I may introduce my family to the Irish Cake Dance this year.
  9. Burn off some energy with Easter Egg Tag, an activity perfect for the whole family! 
  10. Make math interactive with this egg toss game

Are there any Easter activities that you and your family enjoy?