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Find the Perfect Lessons with the New Elephango School Standards Search Tool!

by David Engle | May 14, 2021 | 3 min read

As you probably gathered from the title of this article, Elephango is launching a brand new school standards search tool on! Why are we so excited about this? And why should you be excited about it? Read on to find out!

All about Elephango

If you are not yet familiar with Elephango, I highly recommend you check it out. Elephango is the perfect online supplement for homeschoolers seeking a personalized education. Every Elephango lesson is built around the neuroscience of learning and designed to spark curiosity, deepen understanding, and build confidence so students can connect learning to real life.

There are so many different–and interesting–topics kids can learn about, from core subjects to electives to life skills. And they’re all presented in a fun, engaging manner that pulls children in right from the start. They get to watch cool videos, work on awesome projects, take fun quizzes…and it’s all tailor-made for each individual student.

But we’re here to talk about the exciting new school standards search tool. If you’d like to learn more about Elephango itself, check out their website or click here to read a blog I wrote about all its goodness and why students–and parents–need Elephango in their lives.

What is a school standards search tool?

OK, back to the tool. Many (though not all) states have some type of regulations or laws surrounding homeschooling. In some of these cases, schools require homeschooling families to use curriculum or lessons that align with either state or national school standards. These include Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, as well as Social Studies, Computer Science, Pre-K, Art, and Social-Emotional Learning standards.

There are reasons that these standards are in place–to ensure students are learning what they should be learning at the right age and grade level. And when you’re enrolling your child in homeschool courses, you want to be sure you’re covering all your legal bases at the same time, right? That’s what Elephango’s new search tool helps you do.

Homeschooling families can use the new search tool to find the Elephango lessons that are aligned to the academic standards that you need to meet, both state and national. The search tool allows you to select your preferred standards framework and retrieve a list of all the lessons aligned within that framework. So, if you need to find Elephango lessons that align to your state’s Common Core standards, you simply search within those parameters to find the lessons your child can take.

Why is this search tool beneficial?

For one, it takes all the guesswork out of the equation. If you know you need to meet certain state (or national) standards for your district to recognize your child’s homeschool education, all you need to do is search by the standard and you’ll find which Elephango lessons meet that criteria. Or, you can search by the content your child finds interesting and then see the standards with which those lessons are aligned.

To put it all more succinctly, Elephango has simplified how you can work standards-based lessons into your homeschooling.

I can sit here all day and write about how amazing Elephango is as a learning companion for any homeschooling family. I’ve navigated through literally hundreds of lessons myself, and I can tell you first-hand that the material is some of the most interesting and engaging I’ve ever come across. Where was Elephango when I was in school? (To be fair, there was no internet back then. Or cell phones. Or tablets. Or electricity. But I digress…)

I would have loved to learn about cool topics such as writing with humor (I would have totally aced that one though, right? Right?), how to deliver a great speech, digital responsibility (learning safety, how to identify scams, etc.), the origins of jazz, deep dives into classic novels. The list is practically endless. And Elephango’s lessons don’t just involve sitting and reading a computer screen. Kids watch short videos to reinforce what they learned, take fun interactive quizzes to test their knowledge, and then put their newfound skills to use through project-based activities that can be shared with the family.

Elephango makes learning even more fun. And that’s why both Bridgeway Academy and Elephango do what they do–to create a lifelong love of learning. Elephango’s new school standards search tool simply makes it all even easier.


David Engle
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