I remember it just like it were yesterday — Standing outside the little farmhouse where my mom forced me to get dressed up so we could learn about this new thing called “homeschooling.” I stood on the doorstep and wondered why anyone would want to stay home all day, how would I stay in contact with my friends, and what if I just don’t like it?  So many questions running through my mind, but not once did I think about what my parents wanted or why they were so interested in homeschooling. Now that I myself am a mother, I see their concern for the quality of education, the influence of my peers in school, and just the number of opportunities that became available through homeschooling! Today, there are many more reasons for — and benefits of — homeschooling, and if you are homeschooling in North Carolina, here are the top few!

Homeschooling in North Carolina

  1. Homeschooled students test higher on exams. According to the NCHE, the national average scores for homeschooled students taking standardized tests are almost 30% higher than for students attending school.
  2. Parents get to teach students according to their moral and religious values. As a parent, you have been teaching your child since he or she was born, and you are one of the best teachers your child can have.
  3. Many more opportunities. Students in school are limited to the opportunities afforded within the time constraints in that school. If you have an athlete, musician, artist, or student wanting to spend time on other experiences, homeschooling can be the best scheduling option.
  4. Less worry about school peers and safety. Being fully involved in your child’s education means that you get to know your child’s peers and can create a safe environment for them to build relationships.
  5. You can teach at your child’s pace. Does your child struggle with a subject? Or does he or she get bored in school? When being taught in a full classroom, your child cannot get the benefit of studying at their own level and pace. By homeschooling, you can take time to stop and review if a concept is difficult, plunge ahead if they are ready for more of a challenge, or dig deeper if their curious mind just wants to learn more.
  6. It’s growing! With more openness to school choice, lots of past homeschooling families, and higher test scores, it’s no wonder that North Carolina has one of the highest homeschool populations, and that it continues to grow so rapidly.

Ready to start homeschooling in North Carolina?

Because of the homeschool growth in North Carolina and the positive outlook on school choice, it’s easy to get started!  Here’s how:

  1. Submit a notice of intent to homeschool and set up your homeschool either under a private or public homeschool status.
  2. Keep records! You need to be able to show your school how many days you homeschooled, some achievements you reached, and a record of immunizations.
  3. Take standardized tests. These show where your student stands academically.

For a full list of rules and guidance for homeschooling in North Carolina, visit our North Carolina State Page.

Making the decision to homeschool can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ready to take the leap into homeschooling, know that you don’t have to jump alone. Bridgeway Academy has been helping families homeschool in North Carolina for over 26 years. Find out how an expert, accredited partner can make your homeschooling dreams come true. Call today!