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Making the Change to Half-year Homeschooling

by Alan Allegra | Jan 31, 2019 | 3 min read

Life can be challenging, even for our children (wait, especially for our children). There are times in our kids’ lives when we choose to stay the course, despite struggles, and reap the character benefits of perseverance and resiliency. But there are other times when we know a change is in order. When our children are so low, or the stakes are so high, that learning is a chore, it’s time for a change. If your child is in a traditional school, be it public or private, and something doesn’t seem quite right, then you need to consider half-year homeschooling. Making the change to half-year homeschooling may seem like an uphill climb, but you can do it. And we are here to walk with you each step of the way. 

Making the Change to Half Year Homeschooling

Some changes involved in mid-year homeschooling (half-year homeschooling) include socialization options, record-keeping, setting schedules, choosing curriculum, and of course, teaching responsibilities. Along with Bridgeway Academy, there is a world of fellow homeschoolers that have made the decisions you need to make and have succeeded in leading their children to success!

But just like any decision, it’s important to consider the when, why, and how of the change to ensure it’s as smooth a transition as possible. Here’s what you need to do to ensure that making the change to half-year homeschooling is successful (and as painless as possible!).

  1. Make it a family decision. Make sure your children, especially, understand why things are changing and how this will affect them socially, academically, etc.
  2. Ensure your children know they have your complete support, and that you and they also have the support of others.
  3. Make it clear that being at home with their combination parent and teacher doesn’t make learning any less serious.
  4. Become friends with other homeschool families, especially mid-year homeschoolers, online or in person, so you can share brains and shoulders.
  5. Make learning time fun time! You will have the freedom to schedule your days and take a break — inside or outside the four walls — for a field trip, play date, or nature walk.
  6. Make old friends new friends! Parents and children you knew from school can still be your friends outside of the school day — just in different situations.

There are many things to take care of when you make this change, so don’t wait! But don’t panic, either. When moving to mid-year, or half-year, homeschooling, you don’t have to go it alone! Two of our previous posts can point you to resources that will smooth your way:

You have your reasons for homeschooling: safety, scheduling issues, service opportunities, individual style, and immediate support. Let your guiding principle be that you are doing what you believe is best for your family and your child’s future success. Draw your strength from your love and concern for your children! Trust yourself, your family, and your fellow homeschoolers. The freedom and flexibility of schooling and scheduling that you’ll earn are positive changes that make the effort worthwhile. And who can argue with the comfort and cheer that come from the closeness of increased family time?

So what are you waiting for? Things change, especially as children (and parents!) grow. If you are reluctant to make the changes we’ve mentioned, then that needs to change! The trusted experts at Bridgeway Academy have helped families for 30 years, and welcome the chance to support you through every change, even the mid-year homeschooling adventure. Visit us at or call us at 800-863-1474. You are never alone with a homeschooling expert at your side!

Alan Allegra
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