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Meet Our Teacher: Katrina Brown

by David Engle | Mar 17, 2022 | 4 min read

At Bridgeway Academy, we consider academic advisors–and teachers–to be the unsung heroes of homeschooling. Every day, our advisors and teachers are there to provide support of all kinds to our wonderful students and their families. From enrollment through graduation, Bridgeway’s academic advisors and instructors are there to help during every stage of the homeschool journey.

Our academic advisors and teachers shall remain unsung no more, as every so often we’ll be spotlighting some of these amazing women and men in this blog. In this installment, we’ll meet another one of our incredible instructors–Katrina Brown! Katrina is not only a mom of seven, she’s also Grammy to six grandkids (with another grandbaby on the way!) She, her husband, and five of their school-aged children reside in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, where she’s active in their church and enjoys music, reading, and being outdoors as much as possible. 

Learn a little bit more about Katrina as well as her role with Bridgeway Academy!

Bridgeway Academy: Can you share a little bit about your experience or background as a teacher?

Katrina Brown: I have been an educator for 28 years (though it surprises me to say it!). I have worked in both volunteer and professional settings, and have taught my own seven children at home, children in a homeschool co-op, individual tutoring, several years in brick-and-mortar schools, and now for the third year, here with Bridgeway Academy.

BA: What brought you to Bridgeway Academy?

KB: I had begun seeking a teach-from-home opportunity so that I might also simultaneously return to educating my own children at home. I believe 100% that God brought me to Bridgeway at just the right time!

BA: What makes Bridgeway Academy special for both teachers and students?

KB: Bridgeway is special in so many ways—for us, as teachers, we get to interact with and impact students from all over the world, and yet feel as if we are truly “a class.” We also enjoy a wonderful atmosphere among colleagues that is a rarity. This is an opportunity like no other, truly. For students and families, Bridgeway is unique in that we have such a strong and wonderful team, a fantastic and challenging curriculum, and a heart for families. Everyone in our team has a way of listening to the individual needs of our families and students and addressing those needs in such a way to give the absolute best opportunity for success for each of our scholars.

BA: Which classes do you teach for Bridgeway, and what do you enjoy most about teaching them?

KB: This year, I teach US History and Ancient World History at the middle school level, as well as World History & Literature and American History & Literature (2-credit courses) at the high school level. I absolutely love teaching history, as I believe it is crucial for our students to learn facts while also developing the skill of seeing events from multiple perspectives. This is a necessary skill, yet one that does not come naturally. I want my students to learn to truly think discerningly as they grow and mature, and history classes are a wonderful place in which to learn and practice these skills. Besides these reasons, teaching history is a blast! With so many interesting things that have happened and that are continually happening in our world, there is no end to engaging topics at our fingertips!

BA: What favorite “moment” or memory stands out during your time with Bridgeway Academy?

KB: Seeing my students become engaged in an interactive activity is wonderful—witnessing that spark of curiosity and then seeing understanding take place, which will in turn lead to more curiosity. Other favorite moments really have to be hearing from former (or even current) students out of the blue just to say “hello” and to share something from their lives. I imagine this is the same for all teachers—just experiencing those moments that remind us we have made an impact on our students, and have formed relationships that will be meaningful to their lives. 

BA: At the end of the day, what do you hope your students take from your class?

KB: I want our students to remember my classes as fun and engaging, certainly. However, even more, I want them to remember feeling valued and heard while learning, and I want them to know they have grown as a person having participated in our classes.

BA: Many people–teachers, advisors, students, and parents–express how it feels like they’re all part of a larger Bridgeway Academy “family.” Has your early experience here been similar? If so, how?

RD: I believe this comes from the fact that we all share a similar vision, and that we care about our families and students. When we have these same goals, it makes coming together to work toward the successes of our students the overall natural environment.

BA: What advice would you give to families who are considering choosing Bridgeway Academy as their homeschool partner?

KB: Come join us and see what you’ve been missing! You won’t regret it! ?

Our many thanks to Katrina for taking the time to answer these questions–and a big thanks to all of Bridgeway Academy’s academic advisors and teachers for being there for families and students every step of the way.

Bridgeway Academy offers a high-quality education in a variety of forms–online, textbook, self-paced, live classes, and more–as well as the flexibility you need. Call us today at (800) 863-1474 to learn more and see why so many families trust Bridgeway Academy with their child’s education.

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