Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, I have been an avid Pittsburgh Steelers fan since I was 7 years old!  My family didn’t fully understand why I liked football and wanted to watch it when I was that age, but I could see the proud twinkle in my father’s eye whenever I watched the games with him and could name the players on the field by their number.

It’s the hard work ethic and sheer grit and determination that I love about the players. And, it’s the sense of comradery among fellow Steeler fans that make watching the games so much fun.  That’s why I am incredibly excited about seeing the Steelers new draft pick: Sean Davis.

Sean Davis, a former homeschool student, is now representing not only for the Steelers Nation but also for homeschoolers around the United States.  According to ESPN writer Jeremy Fowler in his article “Steelers pick Sean Davis Repping for Homeschooled Kids Everywhere,”  Davis said:

 There’s this picture that some kids are home all day locked up in the house, socially awkward. We definitely didn’t have any of that. I was part of athletic programs in town throughout the week and got to socialize a lot.”

His family was also a huge support for him during his athletic journey, sacrificing many amenities so he could have more opportunities.  And, you can read his full story here!

At Bridgeway Academy, we are incredibly excited about Davis’ professional career with the Steelers and wish him the very best as he represents the homeschool community!  And, we would like to encourage all athletes to keep that determination and work ethic both in their sport and academics.
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