Much to our joy spring, with its warmth, beauty and color, has finally arrived. New life is emerging out of its long winter slumber. Last week I took a walk with my children and noticed that all of the magnolia trees in our neighborhood had suddenly blossomed. We took some time to stop and admire the white blossoms, to remember the long winter, and chatted about the changes we see all around us.

Then it came to me! Why not allow the freshness and transformation of spring to breathe new life into your writing process and April writing prompts? Focus your April writing prompts on the concept of transformation and I think you’ll be surprised at what new ideas spring forth from your budding writers!

April Writing Prompts for Young Writers

  • Jump in a Story- Imagine you are in your favorite book or movie. What character would you transform into and why? Then give them some time to become that character and create their own version of the story.
  • Transformed Ending- Change the ending of a story or book you recently read. Make sure the outcome is completely transformed and is nothing like the actual outcome!
  • Freaky Friday- Have you ever wanted to trade places with someone and transform into them for 1 day? Who would it be and why? What would you do as that person, animal, thing?
  • Super Hero Transformation– Who wouldn’t want to be a super hero for a day? Who would you transform into and what would your amazing powers be? How would you use them? For good or for evil?

April Writing Prompts for Mature Writers

  • Character Transformation- One key element in any good piece of literature is character development and transformation. Choose your favorite character and discuss how they transformed within the book or story as a result of their experiences, emotions, or revelations.
  • Transformation Short Story- Write a typical transformation story in which the main character transforms in one of the following ways: transforms into a different time zone, transforms from older to younger or visa versa, transforms from a human into something else (think animal, alien, etc.).
  • Transformation Poems- Practice writing a little poetry and using a thesaurus by creating a transformation poem. Choose your favorite poem (longer than 5 lines) and transform it by switching out words with synonyms, antonyms, etc.
  • Personal Transformation- Take a look back at your life thus far. Choose one area of growth and explain how you have transformed and grown over the years. What led to the changes? How would you like to transform in the future?

As changes emerge in creation, use them as a way to catapult your students to make positive changes in their writing through these April writing prompts. How does spring inspire your writing? Tell us in a comment below! And don’t forget to follow us to receive more tips and encouragement!