This is a guest post by Mark Parnell, husband of Jessica Parnell and proud father to their 3 daughters Abby, Hannah, and Amanda. 

Father’s Day is almost here and many dads are wondering what their families will have planned for the day and what handmade gift or tie they’ll be getting this year. It’s a day set aside to recognize dads and the hard work that goes into being a father. And we appreciate it! But, what we dads want most of all is often not on the list! We’ve already been given the best Father’s Day gift, our children. But, there is one thing that is, in my opinion, the best Father’s Day gift I could get this Sunday, and you can’t get it at Kohls or on

Father’s Day From a Father’s Perspective

Each Father’s Day I try to wake up early because if I sleep in I know that my three daughters will have made me breakfast in bed. However, I’ll let you in on a secret. The energetic side of me doesn’t particularly like breakfast in bed! I would much rather get up and be the one to make a special breakfast for all of my girls. But this has become a tradition and their way of doing something special for their Dad and I don’t want to take that away.
But, you asked me what I want most. So, what is the best Father’s Day gift? I can’t speak for all fathers, but most of us like quality time. I personally like hiking or biking with my family. Exploring some new trail or a quick sprint down a familiar one to the local ice cream or French fry stand. For me the perfect Father’s Day would be sweating buckets while biking a canal path or turning my shoes brown on the dirt as we trek up a giant mountain!

The truth is the best Father’s Day gift is not about what we get or eat on that Sunday, but who we’re with.

When I think of Father’s Day I see myself surrounded by those I love and I don’t think I’m alone in that. Some fathers enjoy strategic games like “Settlers of Catan,” Monopoly,” or “Risk.” For them the perfect Father’s Day would include fun board games, family time, and counters filled with homemade food. Still others would rather spend the day pretending its football season and heading out to the field with their children for a fun game of two-hand touch or flag football. And my brother-in-law would prefer a favorite movie and a walk down the beach.
All men are different, but I think that we can agree on one thing. The perfect Father’s Day would include spending quality time with family and avoiding house work!

How are you going to spend time with your family this Father’s Day?