Finding the best homeschool writing curriculum to fit your child often presents a challenge to even the most seasoned homeschooling parents. If you read our last post on what to consider before choosing homeschool writing curriculum, then you know it’s not all about what you want, or even what your child wants! To find the best homeschool writing curriculum for your student, you need to keep in mind how they learn, how you want (and can!) teach, and their ability level. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to dig into your curriculum options to discover which homeschool writing curriculum is best for you both!

We want to make it easy for you to find the homeschool writing curriculum that’s going to work for you both. So, we’ve selected the best of what’s out there and divided it into categories that describe your child’s learning style and your teaching style. Here’s our round-up of the best homeschool writing curriculum by learning style!

The Best Homeschool Writing Curriculum For Your Child’s Learning Style

All Learners/Hands-on Parents: Write Source 

If you are looking for a colorful, engaging and step-by-step homeschool writing curriculum, then be sure to check out Write Source. These easy-to-use textbooks break down writing instruction into manageable chunks and teach in a fun and creative way that grabs kids attention and keeps them engaged. Homeschool parents will love Write Source’s step-by-step format which approaches writing as a process that begins with brainstorming and ends with revision, proofreading and editing. Best of all, it teaches a different form of brainstorming to complement each different form of writing, encouraging creativity and even project-based learning!
With Write Source, the textbook does the teaching – walking students through how to choose a good topic, how to brainstorm the topic, how to get started and more.  In addition, for each form of writing, students will read and evaluate a rough draft and watch how it transforms into a strong piece of writing.  Best of all, when combined with the Skills Book, Write Source takes writing further by weaving mechanics, usage and grammar into each lesson, challenging students to use the instruction to improve their own writing.

Kinesthetic/Visual Learners (Who Need Short Lessons)/Parents Who Want Support

Daily Skill Builders

Not all homeschool writing curriculum comes in textbook form! Enter Daily Skill Builders by Walch Publishing. This work-text curriculum comes in four different workbooks, Reading, Spelling and Phonics, Vocabulary, and Grammar and Usage (writing). This may seem like a lot of workbooks for just one school subject, but they all work together to give students a language arts program that meets all requirements in a fun and non-intimidating way. Students gain confidence and learn to work independently through the short lessons that give clear instructions. And, don’t let the amount of workbooks in this curriculum set fool you. Even though they are workbooks and the concepts are presented in black and white, the graphics and page layouts make them fun and engaging.
Also, because students only need to complete one page per book per day (for the most part), they make it easy to keep kids motivated. The academic benefits include critical thinking exercises; strong foundation in the skills used to read well including decoding, patterns, and phonemic awareness; clear and simple instructions; repetitive practice activities; creative use of writing exercises; and challenging analytical exercises. If you’re looking for an engaging language arts program that builds confidence and a strong foundation, Daily Skill-Builders is perfect for you!

Auditory/Visual Learners with Parents Who Want Support

Switched-on Schoolhouse

Visual and auditory learners will love Switched-On-Schoolhouse (SOS), a computer-based homeschool writing curriculum that includes full-color graphics, tons of visuals, videos, auditory explanations, and a text-to-speech option. We highly recommend this for students who struggle with needing both visual and auditory lessons to fully comprehend concepts. SOS also encourages independence and self-paced learning. Parents simply need to set up the curriculum and monitor progress! Included are built-in grade reporting and help modules that support parents with assessments and any technology issues that may arise.

SOS is also incredibly engaging as it uses games and fun activities to reinforce material and practice what they’ve learned. The Language Arts program includes reading, grammar, writing, spelling and vocabulary. If you’re looking for visual and auditory components within a solid language arts program that requires little parent involvement, SOS is a great fit for both you and your student.

Don’t you want that in a homeschool writing curriculum?
It’s written in a step-by-step fashion with each skill building on the one prior, and it just makes sense. Through Bridgeway English, kids are learning and succeeding, developing a confidence in their English abilities, scoring above average on standardized tests, and finding the desire to take another English course. If you need a review of English or a remedial English course, check out Bridgeway English.

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Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or just getting started, choosing writing curriculum based on your child’s learning style, your teaching preferences, and their abilities is going to set them up for success, and make your life a lot easier! We can help with that! Call today for more support and help in customizing curriculum to fit your child the Bridgeway Academy way!  

Do you use one of these titles? What’s your favorite homeschool writing curriculum? Tell us in a comment below!