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The Importance of Homeschool Art and How to Teach It

by Mary Adalbert | Aug 19, 2016 | 3 min read

A great benefit of homeschooling is that your students will have ample opportunity, and time, to explore the creative arts. At a time when public and private schools are limiting the arts because of funding and a need to build their academic game, homeschoolers everywhere get to keep paintbrushes and pastels firmly in their hands. From formal art classes to unit studies to informal creative projects, there are many ways to integrate art into your homeschool day. But, many parents feel unprepared and wonder just how to teach homeschool art in a way that will have a greater impact on their students. If you’re in the camp that is wondering how to teach homeschool art, the solution couldn’t be simpler! Find the key to unlocking your homeschool artists by using one of these 3 homeschool art methods.

  1. Formal Homeschool Art Curriculum– There’s a lot of great homeschool art curriculum out there that will ensure your students get a rich, focused art class. The benefits of these programs include a written curriculum to guide you through each lesson, goal, outlined project, and even supplies! If you’re looking for a more formal, planned way for art class, this is the option for you! Atelier is the most widely known and used homeschool art curriculum in the USA. But, don’t discount more focused curriculum options like Creativity Express, an online course that teaches the basics of art and animation, or Draw to Learn, which integrates Bible and art together. If you want art history, check out Meet the Masters, a FREE PDF art history survey curriculum.
  2. Integrating Art Everyday– If you don’t want to add another “class” to your already packed homeschool day, it’s OK! Arts education can be done alongside your current homeschool studies quite easily, and all you need are a few art supplies and a bit of creativity. We find the best way to pair studying art history is with social studies or literature curriculum. Each week explore and study an artist from the time period you are currently covering. Be sure to show pictures of their work, dive into their lives, and then imitate or replicate their pieces. Integrate drawing into science by having your students draw or photograph experiments, animals they are studying, or nature. Arts education doesn’t have to be formal to be beneficial!
  3. Live Online Art Classes– For those students who need formal art credits or want to really dive into arts learning (and love technology), live online classes are just the homeschool art classes you’re looking for! In one hour or 90 minutes a week, your budding artist will meet with students around the world online to explore art history, architecture, and more. Creative classes that mash up different subjects like Pictures and Poetry or Exploring Art Today will appeal to students who think they “hate” art. The best part, you’ll gain the peace of mind knowing your students are fully engaged and exploring art while adding some much needed free time to your schedule!

It’s clear that arts education is beneficial both academically and socially, allowing students to express themselves, help develop social and communication skills, and enhance academic growth and performance. Students who participate in the arts are four times more likely to reach academic goals, a fact the nations leading the world in science and math have realized by making their arts programs mandatory. Studies also show that arts education positively impacts a student’s SAT and ACT scores. Students who participate in the arts all four years score more than 40 points higher in both math and verbal reasoning. Plus, young kids who take art classes in Preschool have a better vocabulary, social awareness, and are happier overall!

Ready to reap the benefits of arts education for your homeschoolers?

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However you choose to participate in homeschool art, be sure to log your hours and show how proud you are of your student’s work. Cover the refrigerator, frame your favorite pieces, and praise your Picassos! You’ll create lifelong art lovers who appreciate creating and admiring art, an enriching trait that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Mary Adalbert
Hello! I’m Mary Adalbert, Marketing Project Manager for Bridgeway Academy. As a result of being homeschooled during my middle school and high school years, I am passionate about families finding a perfect fit for each of their children. After high school, I went on to study music and business at college where I found a love for helping kids use their creativity in music. I still enjoy teaching music to students and integrate their learning style as we work through lessons at their own pace. In my free time I love playing sports with my husband, spending time with our family, and playing music. And most of all, I love seeing how God works through each and every situation.
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