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Why Homeschool High Schoolers

by Cheri Stutzman | Aug 29, 2019 | 3 min read

Homeschooling in high school? Yeah, maybe we were crazy.

I was homeschooled from the day I entered first grade to the day I graduated, and it took us on a journey full of ups and downs, especially in high school. Sometimes we flew through subjects, driven by a desire to learn, and sometimes … well, we didn’t. There were times when we grappled with topics and bounced roughly around learning curves. It was hard for sure, but did I ever regret it? No.

As we found, homeschooling all the way through does have its challenges. And those challenges requires perseverance, diligence, and a lot of discipline to overcome.

Why do it then? We’ve got the answer!

1. Homeschooling challenges your students

Homeschooling helps you push your students further. You see their talents; you see their abilities; you know how far they can go without going completely beyond their limits. With that insight, you and your high schooler can work together to tailor their coursework to challenge them. You don’t learn best when subjects are easy, you learn when you allow yourself to be stretched, challenged, and to explore different things.

2. Opportunities to do more

Between the effectiveness of homeschooling and the flexibility of letting your schedule revolve around the different activities in your day, homeschooling gives your high schooler more opportunities to do what they love to do. Are they passionate about sports, music, theatre, or art? Homeschooling frees up their time so they can spend more hours pursuing their passions.

3. You can hone in on the topics they like to pursue

While you should provide your student with a well-rounded education, let them develop and mold their talents. Homeschooling permits your students to pursue what they want to learn, and you can tailor the curriculum to match their desires.

In our family, this made a huge impact on the courses we took. My older sister was an artist and she took art class after art class … everything from flower arranging to watercolor. My brother and younger sister were into science and math, and their days consisted of courses that went far beyond anything the rest of us could understand. And then there was me who thrived on those writing and literature classes everyone else hated to take. Being homeschooled allowed us to pursue our talents and interests to make learning more meaningful for us all.

4. Teaches life skills

Not only does the very nature of homeschooling impart life lessons like diligence, discipline, and perseverance, but you can teach your students other life skills that will serve them far into the future. Want them to learn things like money management, cooking, or gardening? With homeschooling, they can do that!

5. Tailors to their learning styles

You get to choose which courses and curriculum you think are best for your student. There are many different ways to teach and learn, some that will work better for you than others. You, as a homeschool parent, can match the program to how your student learns best.

Your high schooler is special and unique and deserves an education that cultivates the talents and abilities they have. Some students thrive in a brick-and-mortar school, and some students thrive learning at home. Talk with your high schooler to figure what they’re thinking and the way they believe they can learn best.

Maybe it’s time to dive into something new.

Is the thought of homeschooling through high school overwhelming to you but you want the benefits it provides? Bridgeway can help you out! We help you navigate the world of high school homeschooling and provide the resources you need to succeed. Want to learn more? Call 800.863.1474 to talk to one of our representatives!





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