I am sure you have heard it all before — “Mom, do we have to read now?” “I’m bored!” “I don’t want to read another book.” Somehow, as the temperature goes down, the complaints rise! Winter homeschooling can bring out the worst in any family, especially when the routine of homeschooling becomes more like a tedious drill than fun learning. The answer: Bring the fun! Check out these winter homeschooling tips that are sure to beat boredom and help you survive the cold season.

Winter homeschooling ideas

Some of the best advice I have gotten was making sure each of my kids is involved in the process. After all, the more they are involved and making decisions about their learning, the more engaged they are! So, here are my top ideas for keeping kids excited about learning, even during the dull winter months.

      1. Add new resources and helps. Whether you have a child who discovered something new that they love or a child whining at the idea of doing more schoolwork, having additional resources or lessons that are outside your normal routine can be a lifesaver. Need ideas for additional resources? Check out elephango.com. Elephango is known for having thousands of resources and lessons online where kids can dive deeper into any subject and learn more. With videos, games, worksheets, and hands-on activities, your kids are sure to find something fun to explore!
      1. Try a Live Online Class. New faces can bring out the smile in your child. Sometimes, having a teacher and meeting other students gives your student the interaction they need when winter homeschooling seems dull.  Let your kids be inspired by others and study topics they don’t normally get to study! Plus, this means you get a break in your day to grab a cup of coffee or tackle the pile of laundry that seems to never stop growing.
      1. Field trips to the rescue! Even though the long winter days keep families inside looking out, that doesn’t mean you can’t explore with virtual field trips. In fact, with the growth in technology, these seem to be an ever-growing trend. Check out some of our top virtual field trips here, and don’t forget to ask your kids where they would like to go and explore, too!
      1. Use Netflix or YouTube. The TV doesn’t have to be a taboo babysitter!  Did you know that there is a plethora of educational videos and playlists that you and your kids can watch? This can be just the break everyone needs in their homeschooling day. If your kids love what they saw, make sure they dig deeper and research more about the topic! And capture what they learned in a portfolio project (that can be writing or creating something relevant to what they saw and learned.).
      1. Sink into science. Nothing switches up routine like a good old science project. In fact, that was one of my favorite things in school! Science Sparks gives many fun and safe indoor experiments you can do. Best of all, the whole family can join in the fun while making a little mess in the kitchen.
      1. Break out the board games. Taking some time after lunch to play a game together can help stimulate your kids’ brain while giving a break in their day. Find games that encourage creativity or certain skills that your kids enjoy and bring on the competition — and belly laughs.
      1. Go on vacation. Yes, you heard me. Get out of Dodge during the winter. While other families are in school, you can take advantage of lower rates for airfare, waterpark passes, and more.
    1. Brave the cold! One of the best ways to wake up the kids is to let them play outside. Let them take an hour break to go sledding, make another snow fort, or have a competitive snowball fight! While they might be tired when they come back inside, that’s the perfect time to give everyone a nice cup of cocoa and a book to read as they thaw.

While winter homeschooling might seem dull some days, just remember: You have the power to switch things up! You are the parent and teacher and know what your kids need to make the most of every opportunity, even if that means a few hours off school to engage in SCRABBLE®, a snowball fight, or fun science experiment.

What are your favorite winter homeschooling tricks to keep boredom away? We’d love to know how you keep your kids engaged!