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high school homeschool programs, High School
high school homeschool programs, High School

Total Care High School Programs

High School homeschooling that goes beyond the norm, combining innovation with academic rigor – that’s Bridgeway Academy’s high school programs.

Laying the Groundwork for College…and Beyond

High school is when prospective college students and future members of the workforce need to show their stuff. With Bridgeway Academy’s Total Care High School programs, you can rest assured knowing your teenager is spending his or her final years of school learning the skills they need to achieve their dreams, accomplish their goals, and take on the world.

Through rich learning experiences and innovative technology, your student will graduate from Bridgeway Academy ready to get to work in the real world, whether that path leads to college or full-time employment. And our accreditation will allow them to walk through any door they choose, knowing their transcripts are secure.

What does Total Care include?

  • In-depth learning style and academic assessments so you gain a deeper understanding of your child and how he or she learns best
  • A full year of best-in-class curriculum that is customized to your high schooler’s strengths, interests, and goals
  • Unparalleled support and record-keeping, including grades, course projections, transcripts, school counseling with a dedicated academic advisor, and much more
  • Accreditation, which offers peace of mind knowing that a Bridgeway Academy education is of the highest quality and standards
  • All the teaching resources you need, such as instructor’s guides and teaching materials
  • A sense of community, where you can connect with other Bridgeway families through clubs, chats, virtual field trips and events, and more

If you have already chosen your own curriculum but love the idea of having a fully supported and accredited homeschool behind you, our Records & Support package may be perfect for you!

Choose from any of the Total Care High School programs below, all of which offer the best in high school homeschool curriculum, engaging activities, and online experiences:

Fully Supported Homeschool


Perfect for students who benefit from hands-on learning with books and printed materials, our Textbook program includes full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy with up to seven courses, all instructor guides, full support, accreditation, assessments, placement testing, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Perfect for the independent learner, Self-Paced Online offers full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy with up to seven self-paced online courses, plus instructor guides, full support, accreditation, assessments, placement testing, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community.

Fully Supported Homeschool


For the student who learns best in a classroom environment that offers teacher-led instruction, discussion and participation with classmates, and a sense of independence, our Live Online program is the right choice. It includes full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy with up to seven live-instruction online courses, plus all curriculum, full support, accreditation, assessments, placement testing, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community.

Virtual Academy


A full-service, NCAA-approved package, our Elite program includes up to six courses and full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy. These courses are taught and pre-recorded by an instructor and come with accreditation, advisor support, and on-demand tutoring–an excellent option for gifted students seeking more advanced classes as well as student-athletes and professional performers who require more flexibility in their schedules. Elite program students interact regularly with their teacher through weekly check-ins, chat, email, phone, or online meetings.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Ideal for students with a diagnosed learning disability or challenge such as visual processing, auditory processing, organizational deficits, autism, reading disabilities, ADHD, ADD, and dyslexia, our HOPE program includes a regular full-year enrollment into Bridgeway Academy with up to seven courses, plus individualized learning therapy that is designed to address your student’s struggles. Curriculum for the HOPE program is available as textbook, online, or a combination.

Fully Supported Homeschool


If you prefer to use your own curriculum but still want support, our Records & Support program is the perfect choice. This package delivers complete record-keeping and accreditation, including report cards, transcripts, permanent records, honor roll, and more. We are also here to provide support and help with any questions or concerns you may have, as well as college counseling, college recommendation letters, and assistance with the ins and outs of the college admissions process.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Advanced high school students can earn both high school and up to 24 college credits (a full year’s worth!) in this full-year dual enrollment program, which includes up to eight courses, full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy, accreditation, support from an academic advisor, and transcripts.

Fully Supported Homeschool


Through a partnership with Ohio Christian University, your motivated student can graduate high school with an Associate Degree! This program not only provides a head start on college studies, but it also offers an amazing opportunity for students to experience high-level academics, interact with college professors, and develop the self-management skills they’ll need for college–all while still in high school. This program is available for juniors and seniors and includes accreditation, full support, and full enrollment in Bridgeway Academy.

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