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Assignment Book a Homeschool students best friend

Make it real, get it done, write it down.

The assignment book is one of the most crucial possessions of a homeschooling student, every bit as important as pen and paper. To be a successful student, every day note down what you have to do, what you have done, what your schedule is, and any other important information.

My assignment book is just bursting with information, not just school information and report dates, quizzes, etc., but also a schedule of my social life with dates, social activities, my soccer games, baseball games, band practice, church group, and anything else I might have to need to be successful in completing everything that I plan.

There is an art to managing an assignment book. It is not quite so simple as it looks. Make sure that you right down everything important, but not in too much detail that will just clutter your book and make it confusing and hard to read.

Write down just enough to jog your memory and remind yourself of what you have to get done. This way, you'll have a clear, easy to follow list in your book that is not at all overwhelming.

Another thing you can do with your assignment book is to cross out things that you have finished, so that you can see what you still need to get done. For ongoing projects, you can use organizer tabs to remind you to come back to a spot and complete the project.

One of the most important things you can do is to always complete projects on time from your assignment book. When your habit is always getting done what you are supposed to, it is easy to keep up and life is light and joyous, but when you have lots of half finished threads of things hanging over your head, it gets very frustrating very quickly.

Don't let the pressure build up; finish what you've started always. I used to be seriously unorganized, my room was a mess, and I never knew where anything was so I'm telling you, the biggest favor that you can do for yourself is to keep your workspace organized and not let things build up like they tend to sometimes. A clean efficient space prompts clean efficient thoughts, and these thoughts are just what you need to be a productive, successful, and organized student.

And the skills you develop by being organized will carry you far beyond highschool, and well into your professional life. The habits you build now of keeping track of what you need to do and of getting it done will help you for the rest of your life.


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Home school tips

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