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NCAA Requirements: How to Know You’re On Track

by Julie Reif | Apr 29, 2016 | 2 min read

You’re at the top of your game and your dreams of being an elite athlete as your chosen college is within reach. Training and learning are like breathing for you, and you’re working hard to balance them with the other demands on your plate. But, did you know that you could disqualify yourself from playing at the college level if you don’t follow the rules of NCAA? If you want to compete at a Division I or II college, NCAA eligibility is your ticket. But, navigating NCAA requirements can be as daunting as the big game. Follow these rules to ensure that you meet NCAA requirements and are ready for college athletics when the time comes.

Understanding NCAA

The National Collegiate Athletic Association, also known as the NCAA, is a non-profit association that regulates the athletics for most colleges and universities in the US. NCAA rules and regulations help to ensure that students are ready for college and is founded on the principle that student athletes are students first. College is a big leap for many athletes as the bar is set higher both academically and athletically. NCAA requirements are the same in that they prepare you academically for the challenges you will face as a college athlete.

Play by the Rules

Once you hit high school, course planning becomes a critical part of ensuring you’re eligible to compete in college, and while you can meet NCAA eligibility without going to a traditional school, it’s important that you understand what credits and requirements you must meet to stay eligible. If this seems daunting to you, consider partnering with a homeschool provider that understands the NCAA requirements and can ensure you take the right courses and gain the right credits.
Above and beyond the courses and credits, you’ll also be required to take the SAT or ACT, register with NCAA, and a few more important tasks. Here’s a short list of the main requirements you will need to meet eligibility.

  • Register with the NCAA at
  • Pay your NCAA registration fee.
  • Follow all NCAA regulations for credits and coursework throughout your high school career as there are specific courses that must be completed at each grade level.
  • When it’s time, register to take the SAT/ACT using the NCAA code 9999 to ensure your test scores are reported to NCAA.
  • Submit an official transcript to NCAA in your senior year.

Want to learn exactly what you’ll need to do to meet all NCAA requirements? Download our FREE ebook today! While it can seem overwhelming to keep that NCAA eligibility, it can make all the difference in your future as an elite athlete.

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Julie Reif
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