“Mom! I need a break!” As homeschooling parents we may hear this a thousand times a day from our students and may be tempted to think they’re just trying to get out of spelling or grammar! We want them to focus and push through thinking the momentary frustration will pass and that if we allow them to stop they’ll never get started again. But, studies have shown that regular brain breaks are exactly what our students need to focus and perform well. Getting the “wiggles out” may be the ticket to increasing focus, memory, and cooperation. If you’re wondering how to keep your homeschooling kids engaged, brain breaks are the answer! Use these creative brain breaks to keep your homeschooling kids engaged while having fun together!

12 Brain Breaks to Keep Homeschool Kids Engaged

  1. Dance It Out– Put on your favorite music and dance around the room for a song or two.
  2. Follow the Leader– List 15-20 easy activities (touch your head, touch your toes, etc.) and play follow the leader, changing leaders every minute.
  3. What’s My Name? Game– Write the names of 20 different Bible characters, movie actors, Disney characters, etc. on square slips of paper. Tape a name to each person’s back and play “What’s My Name?” where players try to discover who they are by asking only yes or no questions.
  4. Musical Chairs– Even older students will enjoy a fast paced game of musical chairs if you choose music they’re into!
  5. Homeschool Ninja Warrior- Create an obstacle course “American Ninja Warrior” style using your stairs, a jump rope, hula hoop, etc. Can be done inside or outside!
  6. Order Up– Create a list of people chemical elements you’ve studied and have students put them in order alphabetically.
  7. Riddles and Rhymes– Grab your favorite book of riddles, tongue twisters, or memory games and take a few minutes to solve them together.
  8. Bouncing Balls– Repetitive movement calms the brain and increases focus. So grab a ball, small or large, and bounce around together! If it’s nice outside, you can also play a game like 4 square, catch etc.
  9. Jumping Games– Think Jumping Jacks, Jump rope, and Hop Scotch to get out some energy and improve body coordination.
  10. Mad Libs- Unable to get outside? Grab a few mad libs (or print a few of these out!) and create a fun story together. Extra bonus: you’ll be working those grammar skills while you’re at it!
  11. Clap On– Teach your kids these classic hand clapping games. You’ll have as much fun as they do!
  12. Slow and Quick Motion Freeze Tag- Play classic freeze tag but move in slow motion. Then, shout “fast” and increase the speed!

The next time you’re wondering how to keep your homeschooling kids engaged, or you hear “I can’t do this!” or “This is boring!” empower your students to take a fun brain break. You may just find a little fun is what’s needed to function well in your homeschooling day!  Have other ideas for brain breaks?  Let us know in a comment below!

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