As a homeschooling parent, you can breathe a sigh of relief when the end of May rolls around. Yes, it’s summer! Swimming in the pool, roasting marshmallows, and so much more. But about .2 seconds into your summer bliss, your preschooler is suddenly, magically, bored. Is there a way to incorporate homeschool preschool summer activities that aren’t a) boring, and b) educational? Here are a few suggestions for the best summer activities for your curious preschooler.

The Best Summer Ideas for Preschoolers

Music lessons. It’s never too early to start music lessons. After all, Mozart played piano at a young age! Music classes for preschoolers can be found locally, like Kindermusik’s 3-5-year-old class. Lessons are not just for learning an instrument — they also strengthen their math skills through counting notes. Feeling the beat has never been more fun with this homeschool preschool activity!

Hopscotch with a twist. There are plenty of hopscotch variations out there, but Homeschool Preschool has five different ways to play this fun game. Practicing addition and subtraction? Have your preschooler toss the rock and solve the problem you give them. Learning the alphabet? Draw ten letters in the squares and have your preschooler recite each letter as they hop across. Simple words and names are other variations you can do as well.

Watermelon paper plates. Your preschooler will develop their fine motor skills, number sense, color, and shape recognition with this yummy activity! Part art project and part snack-time, this homeschool preschool activity is perfect for those sunny summer days. Ask your learner to guess how many seeds are in a slice of watermelon, what the shape of the paper plate is, and what the colors of the watermelon are. Check out this activity from and download the activity instructions.

Foil penny boats. This homeschool preschool activity is perfect for the learner who always asks, “Why?” Have them shape a “boat” out of tin foil (found at any grocery store). Make sure you have 100 pennies at the ready! Your preschooler will count pennies and place them into the boat until it sinks. This activity is a great opportunity to practice math and science skills. Talk about how many pennies the boat held and what design features they could change to make the boat hold more pennies. The activity is perfect for learning how to count and use scientific reasoning.

Summer picture book reading list. ‘Tis the season to work on reading comprehension and phonetics! Picture books are a great way for your learner to understand phonetics by saying each word out loud. The Children’s Book Council has a great selection of picture books for your preschooler, ranging from whimsical stories to nonfiction. Don’t forget to check your local library, which will often have a summer reading challenge, even for non- or emerging readers.

Learning doesn’t have to end in May! These homeschool preschool summer activities are sure to be a hit and will help you keep learning during the hot summer months. From developing fine motor skills to phonetics, there’s something for every preschooler to do during the sunny summer months to keep their brain active and learning.

What are your favorite homeschool preschool activities, and why?