Understanding your child’s learning style and speaking their learning language is critical if you want them to fully engage, understand, and master concepts. But it can be hard to implement learning style resources into homeschool lesson plans daily. Sometimes it seems like a chore to find and gather the learning style resources and then try to implement them in your homeschool lessons and plans. But, it’s vital if you want your child to feel confident in their homeschool program and succeed in their future. We’ve gathered the best learning style resources for homeschoolers and have given you instant access through the links below.

Why Learning Style Matters

Did you know that learning style also impacts our ability to critically think, solve problems, and push through tough challenges? When we learn how our brain is meant to work we can master concepts more quickly and move on to analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. And, because we’re more likely to be open and engaged when using our learning style, lessons go more smoothly and students are more willing to take risks and accept challenges like higher level thinking. These skills are important beyond just learning, they help us to navigate relationships and are essential life skills that impact being able to get and hold a job, make sound financial decisions, etc. Speaking your child’s learning language can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know what it is or are unfamiliar with how to teach in that method.  But, don’t fret! We’ve compiled and created the best learning style resources for each learner so that you can focus on integrating what works into your homeschool lessons and plans.

First, find out how your child learns best by taking this unique learning and personality style assessment. Everyone in your family can take the assessment and receive insight into how to communicate, interact, and learn well together. You’ll get a book filled with 101 tips and tools for your learner as a bonus for taking the assessment. 

Once you know your child’s learning style, jump in our resources below to engage your learner in how they learn best!

The Best Learning Style Resources for Homeschoolers
Visual Learner Resources

Auditory Learner Resources

Kinesthetic Learner Resources

How do you speak your child’s learning language and use learning styles in your homeschooling routine? Tell us in a comment below!