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Celebrate Homeschool Awareness Month!

by David Engle | May 22, 2023 | 3 min read

May is generally known as Teacher Appreciation Month, a time to celebrate and thank the many teachers and school staff who dedicate their time to instructing kids of all ages. So, as a homeschooling parent–and teacher–it seems appropriate that May is also Homeschool Awareness Month!

Why Celebrate Homeschool Awareness Month?

The idea behind Homeschool Awareness Month is to promote, yes, awareness of homeschooling as an amazing option for families who are looking to educate their children in a different way than the traditional brick-and-mortar public and private schools do. Along with the education component, this month seeks to bring to light the stigmas, misconceptions, and myths surrounding homeschooling–homeschoolers aren’t social, they have no friends, hardly anyone homeschools, there’s no access to extracurricular activities, parents don’t know how to teach…all of which couldn’t be further from the truth.

By celebrating Homeschool Awareness Month, you can not only demonstrate the inaccuracies of these statements, but you can also shine a light on the many benefits of homeschooling, such as schedule (and life) flexibility, safety, customization of education specifically for your child, the ability to spend more or less time on a certain subject, co-ops and homeschool groups, choice of curriculum, teaching according to your beliefs, and so many more.

How can you spread the word about Homeschool Awareness Month? We’ve got a few ideas!

Wear Your School Spirit

Every time you leave your house, you’re likely to run into someone showing off their school pride. A school logo or name on a sweatshirt, hat, bumper sticker, flag, or travel mug. Well, just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you can’t show off your school spirit too! Many homeschool academies and partners offer merchandise you can proudly wear or display. If you’re a Bridgeway Academy family, you probably know about the Bridgeway Spiritwear Store! (If not, go check it out!)

We love to see our students–and parents–in their Bridgeway gear! So, if you have some, wear it this month. Make sure you let people know that you’re a proud homeschooler! If you don’t, you can always…

Display Your School Pride

Let the neighborhood know that you’re a proud homeschooling family–we’ll even help you out! We’ve created some fun downloadable files that you can save to your device or computer, print out, and display in a window or in your car! If you’re feeling ambitious, print out your favorite design and make a homemade sign you can display outside. Spread the word to your neighbors that you homeschool with Bridgeway Academy and tell them how much you love it!

You can go even bigger if you…

Share Your Homeschool Pride on Social Media

Get on those Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok accounts and share these downloads so everyone in your social network knows that you are a proud homeschooler with Bridgeway! Don’t forget to use hashtags to spread the word: #BridgewayAcademy #Bridgeway #BridgewayHomeschool #HomeschoolAcademy #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolers #homeschoolawareness #homeschoolawarenessmonth

Or simply post a message on social media, sharing what you love about homeschooling, why you love it, and why so many of the homeschooling stereotypes are inaccurate.

Bridgeway Academy is proud to provide accredited K-12 homeschool programs designed to inspire and empower students. And we hope our Bridgeway families are just as proud to be a part of this amazing, vibrant community. If so, keep on growing the Bridgeway–and homeschooling–community by spreading homeschool awareness throughout the rest of May…and beyond!

David Engle
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