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WordBuild Online Curriculum Review

by Jessica Parnell | May 21, 2018 | 2 min read

Do you remember memorizing vocabulary lists in school? I had to write down twenty words that my teacher gave to us on Monday. Then, we’d have to memorize them, learn to spell them, and take a boring test on Friday. I wish I had had WordBuild Online, a cool homeschool curriculum that makes learning vocabulary fun! Who knew that the Latin and Greek languages were so interesting? Here’s our WorldBuild Online curriculum review.

What is WordBuild Online?

WordBuild Online, designed by Dynamic Learning, is a vocabulary-building system based on morphology. Morphology is the study of units of meaning: roots, prefixes, and suffixes. Memorizing word lists is a thing of the past with WordBuild Online! Each level is designed to last one school year and provides an activity that takes 10–15 minutes to complete each day.

There are three “Foundations” levels for grades 2–5 and three “Elements” levels for any student 6th grade and up. The “Foundations” courses lay the framework for commonly-used units, then the “Elements” courses build on those concepts. At the beginning of the week, your learner will watch a video on what unit of meaning they’ll work on that week. Parents and educators can watch a separate video on the academic context behind that week’s study. This way, parents and teachers alike can follow along and monitor their learner’s progress.

Why We Love WordBuild Online

The WordBuild language arts homeschool curriculum is a great choice for your homeschool vocabulary program! The flexibility of the program, along with no required teaching, appeals to the busy homeschool parent. In fifteen minutes a day, your learner will go through an activity without needing any teaching guidance. There’s a timer connected to each activity so your child won’t move forward until the timer allows them to move forward. This gives your student a chance to pace themselves through the activity. If your child is struggling through the material, the timer adjusts accordingly. This puts less stress on your student. If you have an older student starting with the “Foundations” courses, they can do two activities a day to accelerate.

Another benefit of WordBuild Online is the progress reports you receive every day. You stay updated on how they’re doing, where their strengths and weaknesses are, and how well they complete each activity. The reports are great to keep as part of a homeschool portfolio or simply for your own records. And it’s all done for you through WordBuild Online’s program.

This curriculum is for…

WordBuild Online is suited for grades 2–5 for the “Foundations” courses and grades 6–12 for the “Elements” courses. However, if you have a student who is in 6th grade and wants to start WordBuild Online, Dynamic Learning recommends they start with the “Foundations” courses. “Foundations” lays the groundwork for the “Elements” courses.

Your student’s vocabulary will sparkle with WordBuild Online! Instead of memorizing word lists, WordBuild Online makes learning vocabulary fun and engaging through visual activities and games. As your student increases their vocabulary usage, their writing and reading comprehension skills will soar to new heights. Through morphology, your learner will never look at vocabulary the same way again.

What is your learner’s favorite way to study vocabulary?
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